Carpetbaggers Coventry Open, Sun 18th April Boddington Reservoir, 30 pegs

1st Mark Wadham (Carpetbaggers) 73lb 12 oz
2nd Wally Walton (Lanes Bait) 55lb 6oz
3rd Maurice Williams (Starlets) 48lb
4th Ian Bragg (Tornadoes) 43lb 6oz
5th Paul Garner (Browning Central) 33lb
6th Ben Taylor (Lanes Bait) 27lb 6oz
7th Neil Russell (Swanns/Kobra) 23lb 7oz
8th Wayne Sharman (Lanes Bait) 22lb 6oz

Newcomer Mark Wadham (Carpetbaggers) took top spot with 73lb 12oz on peg 102 fishing the Method feeder at 50 yards alternating hook baits of boilies, maggot & pellet.
In second place Wally Walton also fished the Method on peg 98 for 55lb 6oz and third place went to Starlets Maurice Williams with 48lb on peg 99 proving there was a pocket of fishing the area.