When well-known Midlands big fish angler Lee Swords heard about the plight of a family trying to raise funds for life saving treatment for their young son Iwan, he felt inspired to do something to help.
CAR T-Cell therapy is a treatment for Leukaemia sufferers like Iwan, but it is not available in the UK. The treatment is available at the Seattle Children’s Hospital in America, and because of this the family need to raise £200,000.
Lee decided to help raise awareness and so began to take a collection bucket with him to various fishing shows and talk nights.
On one of these nights Jerry Gleeson took the bucket and went round collecting money for the cause. £200 was raised and after a short discussion it was agreed that a charity fishing match would be arranged.
It was decided that the match would be held on the River Trent for 50 anglers at a cost of £50 each. Ashfield Angling Club very kindly offered exclusive access to their Burton Joyce stretch for the event, which will take place on 5th – 6th March, 2016.
A charity raffle will also take place on the day with many bait and tackle prizes kindly donated.
Two on-line, silent auctions will also be set up to raise further funds for this brave young boy.
A fantastic array of bait and tackle prizes have been donated, along with many guided fishing days generously offered.
The first auction went live on 6th January and will run until 31st January The second auction will run from 5th February to 4th March.

You can click the following link to make a bid: http://l.facebook.com/l/mAQGCyEcSAQFlFaR6mHspwkyDI6RV9o5as-u6CBkSATe85Q/32auctions.com/organizations/23495/auctions/27633?reset_filter=1

If you do not win anything on the auction you can make a donation directly to the giving page: http://l.facebook.com/l/8AQGJIR_eAQHftuYVnvg7_v-nr86771bpTmSlGmMq5YgeIA/uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/displaySomeoneSpecialPage.action?pageUrl=iwanclarke