Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)

Moat (37 pegs)


1 S Gray, Worksop, 93-10-0; peg island 73 Another cracking match on Moat producing a dozen 40lb plus weights. After a quiet first hour Stuart Gray on island peg 73 tempted carp regularly for the rest of the match fishing pole and pellet at 13m to catch fish to 8lb. His 93-10-0 also won him £1000 as he was drawn on the Link peg. 


2 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 69-14-0;  peg outer 37 Jamie Masson, pegged on the outer, caught a few fish to bomb and corn but a switch to pole and pellet at 12 ½m increased his catch rate to put 69-14-0 on the scales.


3 N Potter, Hallcroft, 67-2-0; peg outer 44 N Potter was third with 67-2-0 on bomb and corn


4 L Sears, Daiwa Hallcroft, 58-10-0;       5 D Slaymaker, Leicester Sensas,

53-10-0;           6 S Robbins, Leegem, 49-0-0                      




Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Sunday)

Moat  (53 pegs)


1 J Thorley, Leegem, 111-2-0; peg outer 100 John Thorley on the outer peg 100 caught carp throughout the match with pole and pellet at 13m to record the second ton of the year on Moat with 111-2-0.


2 G Mumby, 50-14-0; peg island 61

Gary Mumby on an island peg  fished similarly but at 12m catching carp to 4lb for 50-14-0


3 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 49-0-0; peg island 71 Jamie Masson was third with 49-0-0


4 S Masson, Maver, 45-13-0;              5 M Edgecombe, Hallcroft, 43-10-0;  

          6 A Payling, Peg One, 37-3-0




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Reed (12 Pegs)


1 P Morgan, Triana, 52-12-0; peg 31

Phil Morgan on peg 31 alternated bomb and corn with pole and pellet at 13m for

7 carp to 6lb and skimmer bream to 2lb


2 G Bennett, Peg One, 52-8-0; peg 11

Just 4oz behind Phil was Geoff Bennett who fished pole and pellet at 12m  for 7small carp and 28lb of skimmer bream.


3 J Hobson, Hallcroft, 28-15-0; peg 14

Jack Hobson used similar tactics to Phil for 28-15-0




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Tuesday) Bridge Outer (14 Pegs)


1 K Noble, Hallcroft, 39-14-0; peg 17

Keith Noble caught 11 carp and 11 skimmers fishing pole with pellet and maggot at 8m for 39-14-0


2 R Vaughan, Handsworth, 34-13-0; peg 14 Richard Vaughan also fished pole and pellet and included carp to 6lb in his weight of 34-13-0


3 J Hobson, Hallcroft, 21-8-0; peg 42

Jack Hobson caught 6 carp on bomb tactics