Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Saturday) Moat (36 pegs)


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 86-13-0; peg outer 31 Jamie made it 2 wins in a row from peg outer 31. Jamie fished paste and pellet at 11m for carp to 8lb.


2 A Favill, Sun Inn, 70-12-0; peg island 38 Andy fished pole with pellet and meat at 8m and in the margins for carp to 7lb and second place.


3 J Skipper, Crooked Billet, 62-14-0; peg island 26 Jason fished pellet over pellet at 8m for carp and skimmers.


4 M Williams, Bankside Tackle, 57-10-0;    5 G Gibson, Worksop, 56-14-0;    6

D Oldham, Hallcroft, 52-9-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Sunday) Moat  (35 pegs)


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 81-8-0; peg island 39 Three wins out of three for Jamie Masson. Drawn on the point of the island Jamie fished pellet at 12m to take carp to 8lb.


2  S Masson, Maver, 52-8-0; peg island 60 Brother Steve was second with 52-6-0 of carp taken on paste at 10m.


3  D Oldham, 45-2-0; peg outer 44

Daz Oldham took third spot with 45-2-0 of carp and skimmers to pellet at 10 and 12m.


4  J Skipper, Crooked Billet, 43-6-0;     5  K Pacey, Crooked Billet, 42-12-0;

    6 S Robbins, Leegem, 42-8-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Bridge Outer (16 Pegs)


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 116-2-0; peg 21

Jamie fished paste at 12m to land a total of 24 carp for a winning weight of



2 N Speed, Merlin Dynamite Baits, 85-10-0; peg 8 Nick Speed caught a mixture of small carp a skimmer bream using meat and pellet on the pole at 13m


3 K Noble, Hallcroft, 64-2-0; peg 13

Keith Noble used pellet on the pole at 10m and caught carp and skimmers for third place with 64-2-0


4 I Temple, Hallcroft, 60-10-0;       5 D Oldham, Hallcroft, 48-12-0;        

6 P Morgan, Triana North, 48-10-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Tuesday) Moat (18 Pegs)


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 108-9-0; peg outer 46 Once again Jamie used paste to devastating effect with another winning weight over the ton mark


2 G Norris,  Lindholme, 92-7-0; peg island 66 Greg Norris also fished on paste on the pole at  11m, and was close to a ton with his 92-7 net of mainly carp


3 S Rothery, Daiwa Goldthorpe, 70-8-0; peg outer 38

Steve Rothery was in the frame again using similar tactics to the top 2  


4 D Oldham, Hallcroft, 58-1-0;      5 S Robbins, Leegem, 49-15-0;       6 S

Parker, Hallcroft 46-6-0.    




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Wednesday) Moat Island (22 Pegs)


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 137-14-0; peg 23 In difficult conditions Jamie’s  paste method  proved  that presentation was the key as he blitzed the rest of the field with 137-14-0.


2 G Hazlewood, Vale AC, 51-0-0; peg 54

Gary Hazlewood  fished  the pole at 10m using pellet and corn to catch his 51-0-0 net of carp and bream


3 S Robbins, Leegem, 39-14-0; peg 34

Steve Robbins fished the pole at 7m using expander pellet to catch carp and bream


4 F Pezzulo, Middy Dons, 39-0-0;       5 J Hobson, Hallcroft, 35-4-0;        

 6 M Edgecombe, Hallcroft, 32-2-0





Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League (Thursday) Moat  Outer (36 Pegs)


1 S Richards, Worksop, 39-12-0; peg outer 41 Following heavy overnight rain todays match fished harder than normal, but

Steve Richards managed to win using pole with catmeat and pellet.      


2 D Sewell, Sutton, 38-2-0; peg outer 62 Dave was a close second fishing on pellet and corn at 11m and to the margins.


3 D Hill,  WLDC, 35-0-0; peg outer 21

Dave Hill was third in his first veterans match at Hallcroft with 35-0 of carp using pellet and corn


4 A Payling, Peg One, 30-4-0;        5 R Turner, Retford, 28-12-0;         6 G

Bennett, Peg One BCUK, 22-10-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Friday pm)

Moat (15 Pegs)  


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 81-10-0; peg outer 10 Jamie Masson’s remarkable run of form continued as he just pipped Steve Rothery with 81-10-0 of carp to pole and paste.


2 S Rothery, Daiwa Goldthorpe, 75-5-0; peg outer 28 Steve used similar tactics and was a close second with 75-5-0.


3 R Abbs, Hallcroft, 54-8-0; peg island 57 Ray Abbs used catmeat on the pole for carp to 8lb and third place.