APART from being a well-known

port, Felixstowe is also a cracking fishing venue with plenty to offer the angler all year round.
Felixstowe is one of the biggest ports in the country with some very busy shipping lanes, but apart from this it is an attractive area with some fishy-looking beaches, and plenty of things for the family to do while you are out trying your luck.
There’s history regarding catches as well, because before the record bass was caught at Dover Breakwater, it was originally held at Felixstowe with a fish of 18lb 2oz.
It can, however, become quite busy at times with tourists, especially in the summer months, so during this time it would probably be best to fish in the evenings to avoid the hustle and bustle. During the winter months it is pretty much deserted, making for quiet, peaceful fishing sessions.
Finding your way around Felixstowe to the various hotspots can be a little tricky, so more specific directions are given on each spot to make life a bit easier for you.
To get there, take the A14 and simply follow it into Felixstowe, where you can follow the directions described in each hotspot.

The Dip
Follow the A14 to Felixstowe and when there go straight over the first two roundabouts and turn right at the third roundabout, at the fourth roundabout turn left and follow the signs to the golf course and sailing club. Along this road you will encounter a dip where there is a blue ice-cream vending hut on the right-hand side clearly in view. Park up in the lay-by there and take the slipway to the beach.
Fish anywhere along this stretch, it is mostly a sandy bottom but be aware that there are occasional snags, so plan for some possible gear loss. The key is to cast out and as soon as the lead has gripped, leave the baits well alone, and then reel in quickly to avoid snagging up.
In the winter expect codling, whiting and pouting. In the summer expect bass, eels and quality sole. Sole and bass should be fished for at close range in the summer months because this is where they tend to be.


To find this spot follow the same directions as for The Dip. When you reach the fourth roundabout, turn left and follow the road for a mile or so until you reach a Spar shop on the left-hand side, turn right here down Maybush Lane and this will take you to the seafront. Park beside the promenade and fish anywhere along this stretch.
The beach is rough ground so expect some gear loss, but the rewards can be spectacular as big bass do patrol along here in the summer months. In the winter expect to catch codling, whiting, pouting and dabs. In the summer, bass, sole and eels make up the biggest part of the average bag. Just to whet your appetite, local angler Roger Mortimer has caught a 16lb 8oz bass at this spot, which is not too far off the shore-caught record. To target a fish like this, bait up a Pennell rig with a whole squid, lob out a little way and sit back with your fingers crossed!


Herman de Stern
To get here, follow the A14 to the first roundabout and turn right to the docks. Follow the road signs for the seafront. When there turn right and follow the road to a sharp corner that almost looks like the end of the road. The thing to look for is a big beach shelter where you can park the car up. From here it is only a few metres to the sea, which is very convenient for the angler who does not like walking too far.
Fish at any point along this part of the beach between the closely-spaced stony groynes. Both the flood and the ebb produce and there are no fears of gear loss as it is a totally clean bed here.
In the winter expect codling, whiting, pouting and dabs. In the summer expect bass, sole and eels with the occasional flounder. Fish the flood and ebb as the fish can show at any stage of the tide and quite often it produces at all times.

Manor End

To find this hotspot, follow the A14 and turn right at the first roundabout following signs to the docks and seafront. Go over the railway crossing and at the next set of traffic lights turn right. About three-quarters of a mile down this road, turn left into Manor Road where you will see the beach. There are ample parking spaces available; all you do is hop over the sea wall and fish anywhere along this stretch.
The beach is relatively clean, reducing the possibility of gear loss. There are many little stony groynes closely spaced to choose from for setting up camp. The flood and ebb can produce, especially after a good blow. In the winter expect codling, whiting, pouting and dabs. In the summer, bass, sole, eels and flounders are the main targets.


To get there, take the A14, turn right at the first roundabout signposted to the docks and follow signs to the seafront. When you reach a set of traffic lights turn right and follow this road for about a mile or so where you will come to Suffolk Sands Caravan Park. Immediately after the caravan park, take a left turn into Viewpoint Road and follow it until you reach a gravel car park on the left-hand side. You will see a big fort on the right and all you have to do is walk through the gate at the end of the car park and straight across the common to the beach. The beach is relatively clean here, so set up anywhere you can because it produces pretty much the same throughout its length. In the winter expect codling, whiting, pouting and dabs. The summer throws out some good bass as well as sole, eels and flounders.

View Point
This can be one of the most exciting spots in the area because of the deep shipping channel leading into the docks. To get there, use the same directions for Landguard, but carry on past the gravel parking area until you reach a main car park. Simply leave your car here and fish anywhere on this stretch. To the left is the river mouth, which is a mixture of rough and clean ground with possible gear loss problems, but the rewards far outweigh the troubles. The water is deep with the autumn and winter months producing good cod as well as excellent sole and bass fishing at close range on a flood tide. It is also a top dab mark, not forgetting the usual whiting and pouting. The summer months also boast some great fishing for bass, sole, eels, flounders and garfish.

Tackle Shops
Castaway, 20, Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 2AW, Tel: 01394 278316.
Tackle-Up, 15 Bridge Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 7SL, Tel: 01394 274600.

TF Top Tip
When targeting the big cod and bass, use a Pennell rig with size 5/0 hooks to get a big bait out. Incorporate some form of rotten bottom weak link into your rigs to help save on lost tackle at the snaggy marks.

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