Torryburn sits on the north shore of the Forth Estuary, only five minutes drive from Dunfermline and 15 minutes from the Forth Road Bridge.

During the summer months good sport can be had with silver eel, flounder and the occasional bass. All you will need is a bucket of prime peeler crab for bait, although lugworm can be a useful alternative. A standard beach rod and a reel loaded with 15lb mono and a suitable shockleader will suffice but it can pay to have another reel loaded with 20lb mono to help combat the occasional rock!
Getting here couldn’t be simpler. From the Kincardine Bridge, turn right onto the A985 and from the Forth Road Bridge turn left onto the A985 until you reach the Cairneyhill roundabout. At the roundabout take the Culross turning on the B9037 until you reach the village. As you pass through the village you will see a small car park; this is quite central for all the marks.

The Bridge Corner
From the car park, head to the right towards the railway bridge. Fish in the corner where a small bay is formed with the railway track. Two or three-hook rigs armed with size 2 hooks are all you need here.
Vary your casting distance and use the tidal flow with a plain lead to swing your bait round so you are sweeping the corner in search of fish.
Try cocktails of crab and worm if the fishing is slow, sometimes the extra scent can make all the difference.

Car Park
This mark offers fishing from your car, quite literally! A small grass verge separates the car park from the shore, so you will never be far from the car here.
Fish the flooding tide, casting short to search out the flounder. Again, a simple two or three-hook rig armed with size 2 hooks will suffice. You can get away with using lighter tackle here and something like a flattie or bass rod is ideal to get the best bites and more fun from your fishing.

Grass Bank
From the car park, look to your left and you will see the shore disappearing towards a rocky point. Along this stretch the grass verge continues fish anywhere along here for flounder and eel. Casting short into the flooding tide is the most productive method but try varying distances until you locate the fish. Half a peeler crab whipped to your hook is the perfect bait for the flounder but try using a cocktail of crab and worm for the eel sport.

Right BayFrom the car park, head back towards the village and you will see a small track between the grass verge and the houses. Take this track carefully, because it’s quite rough, until you come to a small parking space.
Walk down to your right and fish in the small bay. Stepping up to 20lb nylon will help to combat the sharp rocks here. Try a large crab bait or a small livebait during the evening to try and tempt a bass – yes, there have been plenty of decent bass caught here in recent years!

The Point
The point is directly in front of the small parking space. Fishing over low water from the tip of the point can be good for flounder as they make their way over the drop-off, which is in front of you. Vary your cast until you find the drop-off and fish the shallow side to locate the fish.
If you try to fish into the deeper water you will have to use a fixed grip lead to combat the severe tidal flow. Again, during the hours of dusk try a large crab bait or a small livebait to try and tempt a bass.

Left BayFrom the small parking place, walk to the left and fish in the middle of the bay. Try swinging your baited trace around in the tide to search the fish out. Again, it may pay to step up nylon strength to combat the sharp rocks.
Also try targeting a big bass using the same methods for the previous two marks. If this side doesn’t fish, then move over to the right bay as usually one will outfish the other, especially during different tide states.

Tackle Shops
Deals On Reels, 22 Bruce Street, Dunfermline, Fife. Tel: 01383 728108

TSF Top Tip 1
Use a grip lead and a pulley rig with a size 4/0 hook close in to target the big bass that frequent the rocks.

TSF Top Tip 2
A mackerel head and guts bait can be a killer for bass if you can’t get hold of any livebait.

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