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    thinking of starting carp fishing coming over from the match scene, looking for an average quality 2 rod carp set, where to get it from and what it consists of. i realize that a starter kit will just scratch the surface with regards to what ill need but we have to start somewhere.any advice will e much appreciated.

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    well i’d recommend you don’t rush out and spend a small fortune buyng all the top named brands .

    but to buy a cheap set up first ,that way if you discover its not really for you ,it won’t hurt your wallet so much.

    Dragoncarp do some suitable starter set ups Here
    and some really good gear

    then if you like it invest in some brandnamed gear or switch to barbel fishng most the tackle is the same you’d just need to get a new barbel rod to replace the carp ones.

    best of luck in your new venture.

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