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      jammy bagga

        newly purchased pole garbo g60 comp 16m,mid range pole not the lightestest but pretty well balanced.i crisened it with a nice chub 3-4lb mark(nice scrap too)power kit in place 12 maver latex,and lite gear.ilive in immingham n/e lincs and have just got back into fihing in a big way again after 8years on the side lines,im fishing matches locally at moment as still tad green but wantin to improve fast(dont we all)hopin 4 gr8 2008 and plenty of big weights would be nice!reason 4 post is basically 4 info on the above pole and its cappsbilities,has anyone got or used one and more importantantly bagged up on any lumps?and was 4n5 sections up to the job?any info well and great fully received,my travelind partener recons pole weighs heavey and short 4 looks vunreble any veiws? ps…this site is top notch full of info and wide range of oppinions so looking forward to rely as you fellas no what your talking about~hand ~ hand ~clap

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