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      TF_Steve Townson

        ‘LOST WORLD’ AMAZON FISHING EXPEDITION – a combination 2-in-1 Giant Three Bar Peacock Bass and multi-species adventure trip set in the deepest Amazon Jungle in Indian territory.
        If you’ve ever wanted to do an exploratory fishing trip with a difference, then look no further! Our crew has just returned from what can only be described as a dream fishing trip in one of the world’s true last ‘Lost World’ fisheries.
        In the past, due to logistical challenges in accessing areas from the Guyana Shield Highland run-off rivers and into the Amazon’s lowland lakes and lagoon systems all within the same day, this was once impossible. But now with this ‘2-in-1’ great new adventure fishing destination smack bang in the middle of an Indian reservation, we have the best of both worlds in one single trip, and all close by!
        Anglers would arrive at the first river directly from Manaus via floatplane where our private air-conditioned floating bungalow camp will be waiting on a closed chain of lowlands lakes and lagoons, ready for anglers to target the Amazon’s primary sport fish, the Cichla temensis Giant Three Bar Peacock Bass. After three days of fighting big Peacocks, guests will be transferred upriver to our safari-style camp, where they will continue fishing on the Highlands part of the river. Our target species here are C. vazzoleri Peacock Bass (or Yellow Peacocks), big Bicuda, Payara/Vampire Fish, Traiarao/Wolf Fish, big Black Piranha, Pacu and a host of Cats like the Giant Piraiba/Freshwater Shark, Jau and Redtail together with Jundia/Leopard Cats, Surubim/Tiger Cats and more …..
        We have planned this Exploratory trip for the week of 5th—12th October 2015, to give this brand new virgin fishery a real try-out, so why not come with us and be the first to wet a line in these spectacular waters.
        The cost would includes all ground transfers, first night in the Tropical Hotel, floatplane fly-in to and from the river(s) all food, drink and lodgings for 7 days with 6 full days guided fishing. Email me at [email protected] or PM me here for more information.

        Check out some pics in the video below:

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          That looks a fantastic trip…. all anglers would surely love to fish virgin water like that.

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          TF_Steve Townson

            Sold out our first week in just a few days. Just opening another week up, so anyone still wanting a bash at this great trip, email me or PM me here.
            Steve Townson

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