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      Wow Cracking results on festival today Bowes produced 1919lb 2 oz of carp best individual 215lb 8oz and 10 x 100lb plus

      1st overall John Foster 2 points weight 293lb 08
      2nd Dave Pearson 3 points 290lb 2oz
      3rd Ethan Bradley 3 points 226lb 9oz
      4th Kyle Stimson 3pointa 221lb 1oz

      sections wins Sunday on Lookout
      Dave Pearson 106lb 7oz peg 2
      John Dryden 103lb 3oz peg 15
      John Foster 78lb peg 24
      Section wins on Bowes Monday
      Kyle Stimson 167lb 15oz peg 11
      John Foster 215lb 08oz peg 24
      Ethan Bradley 158lb 13oz peg 32
      Well done everyone some cracking catches

      Ton Up Ton UP Friday Eve 3 hours Bowes Heavy rain cooled water temperature to 14.7 deg, DO 8.25, PH 7.25, Ambient temp down to 11 deg, wind NNE 9 mph, barometer 1014mb mv -20

      1st John Foster 144lb 3oz peg 32
      2nd Glenn Appleby 110lb 4oz peg 14
      3rd Ethan Bradley 95lb 12oz peg 6

      Fri eve match draw at 5pm on Bowes and Sunday draw 9am on Lookout

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