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      Awesome fishing this week with one pleasure angler Derek Potter fishing Bowes peg 40 on Saturday 7th July fishing margin pole feeding angel 6mm pellets and banded angel 10mm pellets caught 142 carp in 10 hours the smallest was about 4lb . Fish feeding well and catching on every method lots up in the water in margins,
      Sunday 8th July 2018 open Lookout top 6 all ton ups
      Overcast ambient temp 23, barometer 1026mb, wind W7 mph, water temp 20 deg, Ph 6.70. DO 6.45 (aerators on 24/7 with extra pumps on stand by) mv 40
      1st Glen Appleby 169lb 4oz peg 1
      2nd Steve Kean 152lb 12oz peg 38
      3rd John Dryden 127lb 9oz peg 4
      Friday evening 6th July 2018 3 hour match Ton up ton up ton up
      Sunny, ambient temp 22 deg, wind W 6mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 19.6 deg, PH 6.95, DO 6.8, mv-40
      1st Ethan Bradley 155lb 5oz peg 3,
      2nd Boggie 108lb 6oz peg 37
      3rd John Foster 101lb 14oz peg 31
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