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    Fishing is magic pleasure anglers catching tight in margins and feeding up well to get fish a chuck on all lakes,
    Angel pellet and make paste also from 1.5 angel pellets all great for carp, maggots, worm, caster magic for silvers.

    Sunday 15th July 2018 open Bowes Ton up, Ton up, Ton up.
    sunny, ambient temp 28 deg, wind SW 10 mph, barometer 1013mb, water temp 20.5 deg, PH 6.68, DO 6.1
    mv -39
    1st John Dryden 163lb 05oz peg 1
    2nd Craig Grant 153lb 9oz peg 16
    3rd Peter Wilson 113lb 1oz peg 24
    4th John Foster 90lb 3oz peg 25

    Friday evening 3 hours 13th July 2018 open Bowes Ton ups plus
    Sunny, ambient temp 24 deg, water temp 21 deg, Ph 6.95, DO 6.40 aerators on all time 24/7.
    1st John Foster 275lb 15 oz peg 2 (6 nets over on 3 by total 18lb 3oz
    2nd Wayne Haarrison 99lb 13oz peg 5
    3rd Peter Wilson 92lb 12oz peg 37.

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