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    Angel of the North Lakes match results, July 17th 2011

    Sunday 17th July 2011 open/league Lookout

    Conditions:- Rain,& Rain & more rain, ambient temp 13 deg, wind S6 mph, barometer 985.1 mb low, water temp 16.2 deg, DO 12.5, PH 7.70, mv 46

    1st Alan Mc Guire 56lb 3oz peg 1

    2nd Chris Owers 53lb 3oz peg 16aa

    3rd Chris Gowling 44lb 11oz peg 15

    4th Gaz Malman39lb 10oz peg 2

    5th Tommy Marshall 34lb peg 25

    6th Paul Jackson 32lb 12oz peg 21

    Saturday 16th July 2011 open Bowes

    Conditions:- light rain with heavy spells, ambient temp 15 deg, wind S7 mph, barometer 993.2 mb, moon phase Full, water temp 16.5 deg, PH 7.78, DO 7.2, mv 50

    1st Keith West 81lb 4oz peg 4

    2nd Lee Slater 63lb 6oz peg 36

    3rd Peter Smith 55lb 8oz peg 2

    4th Tommy Marshal 52lb 7oz peg 40

    5th Kim Christie 42lb 6oz peg 34

    Friday 15th July 2011 open Lookout Ton Up

    Conditions:- fair, ambient temp 19 deg, wind SW9 mph, barometer 1011.9 mb. Moon phase Full, DO8.5, PH7.75, water temp 17.4 deg, mv 65

    1st John Foster 101lb 3oz peg 11

    2nd Neil Brown 74lb 7oz peg 9

    3rd Alan Mc Guire 59lb 6oz peg 13

    Wed 13th July 2011 open Bowes 3 hour match

    Conditions:- overcast, ambient temp 14 deg, wind N13 mph, barometer 1020.7 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp dropped to 16 deg, Ph 7.69, DO 5.6ppm, mv 46

    1st Ray Wallace 49lb 15oz peg 2

    2nd Alan Mc Guire 39lb 8oz peg 19

    3rd Keith Ainsly 38lb 13oz peg 12

    4th George Atkin 32lb 12oz peg 4

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