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      Sunday 6th October 2019 after torrential rain overnight and throughout today a 1lb separated 1st and 2nd

      1st John Dryden 356lb 4oz peg 1
      2nd John Foster 355lb peg 24
      3rd John Nelson 168lb peg 5

      Big Waters Sunday 6th Oct 2019 Bowes

      1st Nigel Ripley 314lb 10oz peg 1
      2nd B Evans 265lb 15oz peg 14
      3rd B Lockey 249lb 11oz peg 35

      Wed open on Bowes
      Sat League on Bowes once a fortnight opens every other Sat
      Sunday Open on Lookout

      Saturday 5th October 2019 open Bowes WOW some weights across all anglers

      Ambient temp 13 deg, Rain, wind ESE 6mph, water temp dropping.

      1st Dave Hudson 469lb 2oz peg 17
      2nd Steve Kean 407lb 1oz peg 35
      3rd Dave Pearson 344lb 8oz peg 39

      After torrential rain yesterday the sun came out today

      Wed 2nd Oct 2019 open Bowes

      1st Steve Kean 374lb 6oz peg 5
      2nd John Dryden 316lb 10oz peg 35
      3rd Neil Brown 300lb 6oz peg 39

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