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    who was banned.?

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    what you banned for gary ? 😮

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    Jaap,its not me mate

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    Where’s the post you’r on about Chris? :confused:

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    Typical club reaction to success.
    Why don’t the members up their game as matches are supposed to be competitive.

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    bloody disgrace,but probably not that uncommon,have heard of the same thing happening before

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    @fish_silver wrote:

    Try here….

    This Guy’s better off without this shower of @hite.A club on its way to stagnation and ridicule i would think.

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    It happens all the time, Im banned from our works matches I have been for 3 years, I fished 3 matches with them and was either 1st or 2nd in each match, the organiser banned me for not raising enough sponsorship in the last works match…. eerm there were 4 others who alegedly did ” not raise enough sponsorship” although I may add no minimums were set on how much you had to raise, but just myself was banned !!!! I know that a colleague of the organiser in question comes on this site and I would love the organiser himself to contribute to this thread, sort of offer his angle on the subject as hes refused to tell me hes only ever relayed messages through work colleagues that im barred, heres his chance to have his say, will he take it up, I doubt it.

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    It doesn’t matter which way you butter it up it would have an effect on the attendances. From my point of view I’d see it as a challenge to up my game and beat the bloke, but many club anglers just go for the craic and not to be used as a cash-machine for others.

    At that club the chap is pretty obviously fishing below his level, and instead of being peeved about it (perhaps he should work Sunday’s if the money means that much?) he should take it as a challenge to try and perform elsewhere and reproduce that success at a higher level – and who know where that could take him?

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    Banning the chap just means somebody else is now the best angler in the club, the guy probably feels mythed because hes standing aside for someone else, probably the organsier !!!

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    Having said what i said previously in the thread.I would go out now and again with a club i belonged to many years ago,before i started match fishing seriously.If i won any coin at all i allways gave it back, to be used as club funds.I still see some of the lads that belong to the club,and allways get invited back to fish with them.

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    same old storey as my thread about olduns it usaly starts by banning the bait he uses then the method he uses then pole length then he gets pushed out but sometimes the person who is winning [and i dont know this person] is not a club angler and spoils the day out for the rest of the members by his attitude and realy should move on .i have been a clubie for about 20years[even been champ a couple of times]there is regualy 1 or 2 anglers who win more than most but in or club they are mates and tagets to beat and with our pools being only £4 no one is going to get rich

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