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    Anglian Water News October 1st 2012

    Rutland Water
    Fish week 253 (season 26,124) Returns 100 (7,550) Rod average 2.53 (3.46)
    Fish are being taken in many areas of the reservoir from the top reaches of both arms, right up to the main basin. A broad variety of tactics and methods are also being used from dries and nymphs to mini lures and gold/silver tube flies. Ed Foster of Elinor returned Rainbows around the 7-8lb mark. Julian Hubbard of Leicester had an excellent limit of 8 Rainbows, with the best two at 6lb 3¾oz and 4lb 14oz, whilst boat fishing the North Arm.

    Season ticket holder Ian Moody of Oakham bank fished from the Peninsula and took a superb Brown of 7lb 4 1/8oz last Tuesday. The fish fell to a subsurface fry pattern.

    Fish are feeding on a variety of food items with margin feeding fish on corixa, sticklebacks and snails and fry whilst the open water feeders are on daphnia and buzzer.

    Prospects remain very good with the opportunity to get a specimen fish of a lifetime with anglers reporting the fishing has never been so good – with plenty of big fish showing.

    Anglers from all over the UK and Europe have now arrived at Rutland Water ready for The Anglian Water Airflo International final which will be fished on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3 October. There’s a fantastic atmosphere and the tension is building. Find out which team triumphs – full story in next week’s Fishery News.

    Anglers wishing to fish in some great Autumn matches still have time to enter the Autumn Pairs on Saturday 6 October – this has both a rudder and a non rudder section. Another popular match is the George Moore Memorial Trophy pairs rudder match on 27 October. Call the fishing lodge for more information and to enter, telephone 01780 686441.

    Best Rainbow 6lb 3¾oz taken by Julian Hubbard of Leicester.

    Best Brown 7lb 4 1/8oz taken by Ian Moody of Oakham.
    Best boat areas The main basin, bottom of both arms, Sailing Club, Barnsdale.

    Best bank areas Both sides of the peninsula, East Creek, Normanton.

    Best methods Bank – Floating line with nymphs/dries/fry patterns.
    Boat – As for bank, but mini lures, tube flies have also worked on various sinking lines.

    Mid week boat winner P Gover of Empingham.

    Fish stocked 2,000

    Forthcoming events
    Clearance sale at our tackle shops – massive savings of up to 35%
    Continues to Monday 29 October
    Beginners courses 7 & 27 October; 3 November.
    Anglian Water Autumn Pairs 6 October.
    Learn to fish for Pike 13 October.
    Anglian Water Rudder Match George Moore Memorial Trophy 27 October.
    Boat fish for Pike at Rutland Water – mid week boats now available.
    Plus pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.

    Grafham Water
    Fish week 758 (season 18,621) Returns 221 (5,151) Rod average 3.42(3.61)
    Grafham Water has continued to fish well this week for both bank and boat anglers with a healthy rod average of 3.42.

    Bank anglers are enjoying the best sport with the Dam and Gaynes Cove giving the most consistent fishing. Floating lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, crunchers, diawl bachs and pheasant tail nymphs have all produced some excellent fishing.

    Boat anglers have also had a great week with the Dam, Gaynes Cove, Willows, G and D Buoys, Deep Water Point and Savages Creek all producing consistent fishing. The best methods for the boat anglers this week have been floating sink tip or fast glass lines with crunchers, diawl bachs, GRHE, shrimp, tequila blobs, cats whisker booby and silver or pearl invictas.

    Competition News
    English Fly Fishing Association B C Hall Day 28 September.
    28 Anglers took part in this historic fishing competition catching 99 trout for a rod average of 3.54. Top rod on the day was local angler Andy Linwood from Perry. Andy caught 8 trout for 17lb 3oz. The best fish on the day was caught by David Moore – a fin perfect Rainbow of 5lb 11oz.
    1st Andy Linwood 8 fish for 17lb 3oz
    2nd Peter Hartley 8 fish for 15lb 1oz.
    3rd Ray Storer 6 fish for 14lb 12oz.

    Guests Match
    Eight anglers took part in the Guest Match catching 33 trout for a rod average of 4.13 with Martin Webster catching the biggest trout at 4lb 4oz. Ashley Cooper was top rod with 8 fish for 16lb 14oz.

    Best Rainbow 6lb plus, taken by Brian Calvert of Buckden.

    Best Brown 5lb 6oz Taken by Steve Battle of Bedford.
    Best boat areas Dam, G and D Buoys, Willows, Gaynes Cove, Deep Water Point, Savages Creek.

    Best bank areas Entire Dam, Gaynes Cove.

    Best methods See report.

    Mid week boat winner Tim Ivory of Elstow, Bedford.

    Forthcoming events
    Clearance sale at our tackle shops – massive savings of up to 35%
    Continues to Monday 29 October
    Boat fish for Pike at Grafham Water – mid week boats now available. Plus pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.
    AMFC match 40 boats booked 6 October.
    Autumn Rudder Match 13 October.
    Fry bash all boats booked 20 October.
    Beginners courses 6 and 21 October; 4 November.

    Pitsford Water
    Fish week 321 (season 15,071) Returns 90 (4,149) Rod average 3.5(3.6)
    Fishing has been productive at Pitsford Water for those who have braved the changeable weather conditions. Fish are being caught all around the reservoir now with many coming into the shallow weed beds in search of fry and snail. Some good Browns and Rainbows are coming to booby and fry patterns fished around the weed beds.

    Several bank anglers have reported great catches of up to 10 -12 fish from areas such as Duffers, Stilton and Gorse, while boat anglers are still picking up fish using various methods from dries to fishing tubes.

    The best fish of the week was a Rainbow of 5lb 8oz taken by Les Watson of Coventry. David Fisher of Gwynedd took the best Brown at 5lb 4oz. There are plenty of fish in the 3 – 4lb range and all are in great, hard fighting condition.

    The best bank areas are Duffers to Gorse, Gravels and New Cliffs. The recommended areas for boat anglers are the Causeway, Narrows and main basin.

    Best Rainbow 5lb 8oz Taken by Les Watson of Coventry.

    Best Brown 5lb 4oz Taken by David Fisher of Gwynedd.
    Pitsford Water continued

    Best boat areas Narrows, Dam.

    Best bank areas Gravels, Duffers.

    Mid week boat winner B Allwood of Dunchurch.

    Forthcoming events
    Clearance sale at our tackle shops – massive savings of up to 35%
    Continues to Monday 29 October
    Beginners course 7 October.
    Learn to fish for Pike 20 October.
    Pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 1 October to 25 November.

    Ravensthorpe Reservoir
    Fish week 146 (season 8,313) Returns 31 (1,768) Rod average 4.7(4.7)
    Paul Watmuff of Cromer had a brilliant day last week at Ravensthorpe, catching his first ever trout. Paul took an Anglian Water Beginners course with Peter Hartley on Saturday and decided to try his luck at Ravensthorpe last Monday. Paul was delighted to catch his first ever fish at 2lb 12oz.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances Ravensthorpe’s report this week is brief – but we will be back to normal next week.

    Best Rainbow 8lb Taken by D Fox.

    Best boat areas Willow Bay, Domes, Island.

    Best bank areas Platforms 4,5 – 11,12.

    Mid week boat winner G Denny of Weedon, Northants.

    Fish stocked 83

    Forthcoming events
    Ravensthorpe Fur and Feather (boat) 4 November.
    Pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.

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