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    Latest News and Information from

    Week ending 8 May 2016

    • Make the most of the long Summer evenings….
    Pitsford Water’s Summer Fishing Club starts Tuesday 10 May
    Rutland Water Tuesday Evening Boat League – back by popular demand from Tuesday 10 May

    • Don’t miss Grafham Water’s Big Birthday
    Wednesday 25 May HRH The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Grafham – all boats will be half price and will muster in the harbour at 1pm
    Sunday 3 July – 50th Anniversary Boat Pairs Match with a terrific prize pot

    Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
    Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
    Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
    Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

    Rutland Water
    Fish week 1,088(Season 9,006) Returns 200 (1,679) Rod average 5.44 (5.36)
    Rutland Water has again been in outstanding form with great numbers of fish caught from many areas of the reservoir. This season’s buzzer hatches have been tremendous with huge hatches already occurring each day.

    Impressive numbers of over wintered fish from last season’s stocking are showing well, amongst them are superb quality Browns that are averaging between 3 and 5lb many of which have been returned. The prolonged unsettled weather has finally given way to settled, warm conditions and with temperatures staying high in the evenings we have seen good movements of fish rising in many areas, with carefully presented dry fly working well for some anglers.

    The majority of anglers have used nymphs during the day with black and olive buzzers, diawl bach, crunchers and hares ear also coming up trumps; fished on either floating or midge tip lines. Anglers favouring lures have also taken fish ranging from blobs, through to snakes, used on sinking lines from intermediates through to Di 7’s.

    Rutland has attracted anglers from many parts of the British Isles, with groups also coming over from Europe, particularly Belgium and France. All have praised the quality and numbers of fish caught, including many that were returned.

    A group led by Ron Clarke used local guides Al Owen and Robbie Winram and were treated to a couple of days’ extensive buzzer fishing along the north side of the peninsula from Carrot Creek up to Armley Wood. Al and Robbie anchored up between 15 and 20 feet for the best results. All the fish were returned including numbers of Browns and Rainbows in the 3-4lb bracket, with a rod average of just over 12 fish per day for each of the four anglers.

    Rutland Pro-guide and coach Rob Waddington and regular guest Angus Langworthy had a Red Letter Day last week. Fishing straight lined buzzers on midge tips, they caught and released around 30 trout – mainly superb prime grown on Rutland fish up to 4½lb. They fished in the South Arm.

    The best fished weighed at Rutland Lodge this week was taken by Darlington angler Richard Adamson. Richard took a Brown of 5lb 7¼oz on the last cast of the day. Season ticket holder Malcolm Coles took the best Rainbow of the week. Malcolm, of Edenham, Bourne, landed a quality specimen of 4lb 4oz whilst boat fishing on the rudder.

    A good number of bigger fish were caught and released this week, including fish estimated around 5lb and 6lb. Ranger Nigel Savage saw images of nice Browns of that size returned by French anglers Messrs Vatinel and Hoavan.

    Rutland Water continued

    The fishery is very popular at this time of year so please book boats well in advance to avoid disappointment. Prospects for the coming weeks are excellent especially if you like your buzzer/nymph fishing which has been superb.

    Competition news
    Troutmasters Fish Off Saturday 7 May
    Five anglers took part and it was local season ticket holder Toff Crowther of Oakham who was the first back to the lodge with his eight fish limit. Toff’s fish, taken on a hare’s ear fished on a floating line at long range off the dam, weighed a very creditable 18lb 1½oz. He will represent Rutland Water at the final at Grafham Water on 19 September.

    Tuesday Night Boat League starts this week – Tuesday 10 May.
    This very popular series will run for approximately 14 weeks (weather permitting). This is very much a social event rather than an out and out competition and is open to all anglers, including evening permit holders and season ticket holders. Anglers gather from 5pm onwards to sign in for a 6pm start. A draw is made for your boat partner with a weigh in at the end of the evening which concludes with a can of beer, water or juice.
    There is the added option of supper supplied by Sid’s Fish and Chip Shop (at additional cost).

    This year we have introduced new rules for this popular competition. Each week the free mid week boat will go to the angler with the biggest fish, with the overall boat league winner (based on a points system) winning tackle vouchers on the final night of the league. Another change this year is the fish limit – this will be a four fish kill followed by a four fish catch and release, there will be a fixed ½lb allowance on all fish returned.

    Best Rainbow 4lb 4oz taken by M Coles of Grimsthorpe.

    Best Brown 5lb 7¼oz taken by Richard Adamson of Darlington.

    Best boat areas Normanton, Sykes Lane, Sailing Club, Old Hall, Church Bay, Carrot Creek to Armley Wood, bottom of South Arm.

    Best bank areas Normanton, Sykes Lane/Stockie Bay, Old Hall, Green Bank, Yellowstone and Sailing Club. Barnhill/Carrot Creek.

    Best methods Bank – floating lines with buzzers, nymphs. Boat – as for bank but include midge tip. The ‘bung’ method, various sinking lines with a mixture of lures large/small.

    Rutland Water continued

    Mid week boat winner Al Owen of Sleaford.

    Forthcoming events
    Beginners courses 26 & 28 May; 4,9,17 & 19 June and other dates throughout the season.
    Tuesday Night boat league commences 10 May
    Dave Hodgson Memorial 15 May
    Fly fishing for Pike from 16 May (subject to boat availability)
    Anglian Water Rudder Match 21 May
    Anglian Water Floating Line match 11 June
    England Eliminator ‘Odds & Sods’ 26 June

    Grafham Water
    Fish week 1,192(Season 9,403) Returns 174 (1,326) Rod average 6.8 (7.09)
    Another outstanding week at Grafham Water for both bank and boat anglers. The weather has gone full circle and we are now experiencing hot, still and sunny conditions – perfect for floating line and buzzer fishing. The weekly rod average of 6.8 is proof that there are some excellent bags to be had.

    Bank anglers have again had a great week’s sport. The North shore has seen the most consistent catch rates. Areas such as Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Marlow Stones and the north end of the Dam. The best method for bank anglers has been to fish floating lines with black, red or olive buzzers.

    Boat anglers have enjoyed great sport. Again the north shore is the place to be, particularly Sanctuary Bay, Stumps, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water Point, Willows and North Dam. The Seat on the south shore is also fishing well. There have been two main methods for boat anglers; floating lines with buzzers, crunchers and diawl bachs or fast sink lines with tequila blobs.

    Don’t miss Grafham Water’s 50th Birthday celebrations
    On Wednesday 25 May boats will be half price. All boats must be in the harbour at 1pm to greet HRH the Duke of Edinburgh who is visiting Grafham Water to launch the 50th Birthday celebrations.

    On Sunday 3 July we are hosting a pairs boat match with a terrific prize pot
    This pairs boat match will celebrate 50 years of fly fishing at Grafham Water. There’s a fantastic prize pot with £1000* going to the winner plus many more prizes. *Subject to the number of entries.

    Grafham Water continued

    This event will take place on Sunday 3rd July to coincide with the official 50th anniversary week of activities at Grafham Water. This friendly fly fishing competition is to be fished to relaxed international rules (no anchoring or back drifting, any size fly is acceptable) with an 8 fish limit plus time bonus (2lb per hour).
    Competition news
    ELFF Mixed Pairs 30 April
    Sponsored by Wychwood
    1st Martha Thomson & Rob Edmunds 16 fish for 34lb 2oz
    2nd Hilary Tomlinson & Keith Jones 15 fish for 32lb 7oz
    3rd Eileeen Chatwin & John Vincent 16 fish for 32lb 4oz
    4th Sheena Goode & Steven Peart 16 fish for 31lb 8oz
    Snowbee Floating Line Match 7 May
    A great day was had by all at this annual match organised by Invicta. The day was hot and sunny – perfect floating line and buzzer fishing. Green and black buzzers were the favoured choice of flies. The morning was very productive but as the day warmed up and the sun shone brightly the afternoon was more challenging.
    In first place was Bewl Bridge who all bagged up, second place went to Soldier Palmers, followed by Invicta A.
    Best boat areas Deep Water Point, Stumps, Willows, North Dam, Pig Bay, G Buoy.

    Best bank areas Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Willows, Dam, G Buoy, Marlow Stones, the Seat, Harbour Arms.

    Best methods See report.

    Mid week boat winner Mr Nash.

    Forthcoming events
    Beginners courses 26 & 29 May; 5,11,18 & 30 June and other dates throughout the season.
    Fly fishing for Pike from 16 May (subject to boat availability)
    Angling Trust: Team England Qualifier 22 May
    Bob Church Classic 12 June
    EFFA ProAm 16 June
    AWAI Midland Heat 18 June

    Pitsford Water
    Fish week 765 (Season 2,995) Returns (637) Rod average 5.75(4.7)
    Boat anglers have had the edge this week with the fish moving out of the margins as we said goodbye to cold temperatures and strong winds, in favour of bright sunshine and warm temperatures. These good conditions have encouraged good buzzer hatches and the fish to feed.

    A fantastic rod average of 5.75 will come as no surprise to the anglers who have enjoyed fishing at Pitsford over the last week. These included members of the England Disabled Fly Fishers, who could not have wished for better conditions for their first competition of the season here. They all had a brilliant day on Wednesday. 13 anglers fished taking a total of 84 fish at an average of 6.46 – they also caught and released another 39 fish, making an overall rod average of 9.46.

    1st Jim Watts 8 fish for 19lb 0oz
    2nd Stewart Hume 8 fish for 18lb 13oz
    3rd John Thomson 8 fish for 17lb 8oz
    4th Shaun Higgins 8 fish for 17lb 3oz

    The best Rainbow weighed 3lb 13oz and was caught by Jim Watts. Harold Pritchett took the best Brown at 3lb 15oz. Although anglers were expecting to take fish on buzzers, most were taken on sinking lines, Di3 and Di5 blobs, Tequila, orange and black. A great day was had by all in good weather.

    On ‘Super Tuesday’ Mark Bradbury and Terry Mitchell had a memorable day out on the boats, each reporting 30 plus fish to the net. Regular visitor Dave Jarvis took several 4lb plus Rainbows over 3 days and the biggest weighed in at 4lb 8oz. Sam Grzyb also had a 4lb 8oz Rainbow during the week. Jim McGonigle also caught sizeable fish. Jim reported “beautiful overwintered Rainbows” with the best weighing 4lb 2oz and 3lb 2oz. It was great to welcome Bill, Ron, Dave and Jim last Thursday. This group proved you are never too old to enjoy your fishing with an average age of 74. They reported a great days’ fishing under the guidance of Robbie Winram and Al Owen, they had 54 fish between them.

    Successful fly patterns continue to be green or black buzzers, black crunchers and black diawl bachs on floating, midge tip or intermediate lines, fished almost static, in a straight line. When the fish have gone deep blobs and lures have been effective.

    Dates for your diary include Pitsford’s popular Evening Summer fishing club that starts on 10 May and runs every Tuesday up to 9 August.
    Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association meets at Pitsford Lodge on the second Saturday of the month with fly tying, casting tuition and friendly advice on all fishing matters.

    Pitsford Water continued

    Best Rainbow 6lb plus.

    Best boat areas The Mouth to Creek, Flats, Dam, Sailing Club, Dam Corner, Narrows.

    Best bank areas Bog Bay, Stilton, Pigstream, Gorse, Duffers, Gravels, Hollybush.

    Mid week boat winner Mark Seaman of Northampton.

    Best methods See report.

    Fish stocked 2,000.

    Forthcoming events
    Evening Summer Fishing Club starts Tuesday 10 May and runs weekly until Tuesday 9 August.
    Lure fishing and fly fishing for Pike from 16 May
    Beginners courses 12,15 & 21 May;3 & 12 June and other dates throughout the season.
    Arnold Haddon Charity match 10 May
    Predator Season starts 16 May
    Anglian Water Airflo International Midland heat 4 June
    Mid Northants Trout Fishers Beginners Day 11 June
    Mid Northants Trout Fishers Pairs Match 26 June and 23 July

    Ravensthorpe Reservoir
    Fish week 440 (Season 6,109) Returns 86 (627) Rod average 5.1(9.7)
    Catch of the week goes to Pat Flynn, fishing from a boat with a Di5 line and an orange blob. Pat landed 57 fish; one of the Rainbows he estimated to weigh over 10lb with several others around the 6lb mark.

    David Brady also had a great day fishing floating line, buzzers and red diawl bachs he landed 13 hard fighting Rainbows.

    Mick Clark fished from a boat last week, landing 20-30 trout with floating line and static buzzers at the Coton End.

    Robert McWilliam caught the fish of the week a 9lb 8oz Rainbow with a slow glass line with a white lure from a boat.

    Alan Duffin opted to fish the Dam he used an intermediate line and a lure – he managed 6 Rainbow trout.

    Best Rainbow 9lb 8oz taken by Robert McWilliam.

    Best boat areas Coton End, Domes.

    Best bank areas Platforms 4 and 5, Dam.

    Mid week boat winner Mark Eveleigum.

    Best methods See report.

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