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    Latest News and Information from

    Week ending 7 September 2014

    • Superb sport at Rutland Water with a rod average of 4.65

    • Top of the water sport and a rod average of 5.8 at Ravensthorpe

    • Predator fishing at Rutland and Grafham
    1–30 September (mid week only)

    Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
    Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
    Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
    Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

    Rutland Water
    Fish week 1,053(season 29,907 ) Returns 226(6,765) Rod average 4.65 (4.42)
    Rutland Water has maintained its form with a rod average of 4.65. The vast majority of fish have been caught by boat anglers fishing in many areas of the reservoir, in some cases from Old Hall Bay, all the way through to the main basin and the dam itself. Whilst boats that have fished around the many weed beds for the bigger specimens have caught from the South Arm right through to the bottom of the North Arm.

    With high pressure bringing settled bright conditions and very little wind anglers have had to keep on the move. Those that did were well rewarded for their efforts.

    Most tactics have been working again from lures, all the way through to dry fly. The bigger species of trout are falling to either dry fly, or fry patterns at the moment, none more so than Mick Connor’s Brown that was estimated between 7-8lb which was returned, it fell to a minkie last Wednesday. Other fish worthy of mention were England Youth Team member Tom Adamson who recorded the best Rainbow of the week, a cracking 5lb 13¾oz fish caught last Friday. Empingham’s Richard Cooper had the best fish in the Scierra Pairs fished last Sunday, a 5lb 9oz Brown.

    Bank anglers were scattered around the shoreline with Yellowstones to Inmans Spinney through to Spud Bay producing fish, while New Zealand Point down to the Dam area also saw fish being caught.

    Competition news
    Scierra Pairs final
    This match was fished on Sunday 7 September with plenty of action and 699 fish caught. The Welsh duo of Gareth Jones and Tony Cartwright won the match with 16 fish weighing 37lb plus a time bonus of 4lb 8oz giving a total of 42lb 6oz. The official practice day on Saturday was difficult due to a lack of wind all day, however the wind picked up overnight producing a light north westerly breeze for most of match day. Boats were well spread out with some choosing the open water and others opting to hug the many weed beds.

    Fish were averaging just over 2lb in the match, although certain boats took bigger fish with Steve Cullen and Andy Taylor taking seven fish for 25lb and Tom Speak and Andrew Scott taking nine for 23lb. Richard Cooper took the best fish of the match a fine Brown of 5lb 9oz.

    Predator fishing
    Rutland opened its doors last Monday for lure fishing with most anglers choosing to go after Zander, multiple catches were made in various areas of the reservoir. The biggest specimen reported was around the 10lb mark. Some Pike were caught, the best a low twenty. Some nice Perch have been caught. Mike Green reported a 6lb 11oz Eel whilst fishing for Zander!
    Rutland Water continued

    Please note to fish on all Anglian Water fisheries all predator anglers must be in possession of an un hooking mat.

    During September and early October boats are in high demand so please phone the lodge before travelling to avoid disappointment.

    Best Rainbow 5lb 13¾oz taken by Tom Adamson of Darlington.

    Best Brown 5lb 9oz taken by Richard Cooper.
    Mick Connor released a Brown estimated 7-8lb.

    Best boat areas Middle of the reservoir all the way through from Old Hall Bay right down to the Dam. Bigger fish around the many weedbeds.

    Best bank areas Normanton, New Zealand Point, Yellowstone to Old Hall. Armley Wood to Barnhill Creek.

    Best methods Bank – floating line with nymphs, dries and fry patterns.
    Boat – As for bank but with sinking lines (various) with mini lures and tube flies.

    Mid week boat winner Dave Porter of Edith Weston.

    Forthcoming events
    Lure fishing for predators 1 – 30 September, mid week only.
    Beginners courses: 14 & 28 September; 11 and 25 October; 1 November.
    Beginners Course for Pike 5 October.
    WaterAid Competition 12 September
    English National 19 and 20 September
    Anglian Water Rudder match 11 October.
    Improve your bank fishing 9 and 22 November

    Grafham Water
    Fish week 414 (season 21,056) Returns 153 (4,578) Rod average 2.7 (4.59)
    Grafham Water has fished fairly well for both bank and boat anglers with a steady rod average of 2.7 which is still good considering it is early September.

    Bank anglers have enjoyed the most consistent fishing with the South Dam producing the best sport when the margins are clear of algae. G bank, Hill Farm and the Seat have also produced some good sport from the bank by fishing floating lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, damsel nymphs and pearly Palmers.

    Boat anglers have had some good fishing over the past week from a number of areas with P,B,A, G and D buoys, mouth of Savages, July bank and long drifts through the middle of the reservoir. The most consistent method is to fish intermediate lines with boobies, FAB’s, hoppers, Diawl Bachs and Damsel Nymphs along the surface to create a disturbance to entice the trout to take, this has generally worked.

    The predator fishing is now well under way at Grafham Water with plenty of Pike, Zander and Perch being caught. The main area for Pike has been Savages Creek, Sanctuary Bay and Hill Farm with a dozen Pike being taken between 18-22lb. Perch anglers have mainly concentrated on fishing the North Tower with reports that the Perch shoals are up to 15 feet deep with lots being caught between 1-3½lb. Zander anglers have mainly been catching small zander with a few weighing 12lb, these are also being taken between W and X buoys.

    Competition news
    Police Home International 4 September
    It was a great honour for Grafham Water to host the Police Home International on Thursday 4 September. The four countries fielded 14 mixed teams catching 132 trout for a rod average of 2.35.

    Team England won catching 39 trout for 78lb 4oz. Top rod was England team member Gary Haskins with six fish for 11lb 11oz. Gary caught his fish by fishing claret hoppers in the mouth of Savages Creek on a floating line whilst the majority of the team fished intermediate lines with FABs and Diawl Bachs at A and G Buoys. Mark Mathieson also from Team England caught the biggest fish of the match a superb conditioned Rainbow of 4lb 5oz off the July Bank on a Tequila FAB.

    1st England 39 fish for 78lb 4oz
    2nd Scotland 26 fish for 53lb 2oz
    3rd Ireland 23 fish for 45lb 14oz
    4th Wales 19 fish for 43lb 14oz

    Grafham Water continued

    Best Rainbow 4lb 5oz taken by Mark Mathieson.

    Best Brown Several around 3lb.

    Best boat areas P,B,G,D and A buoys, Savages Creek, July bank, Middle.

    Best bank areas South Dam, Seat, G bank, Hill Farm.

    Best methods See report.

    Mid week boat winner Steve Battle of Bedford.

    Forthcoming events
    Lure fishing for predators 1 – 30 September, mid week only.

    Beginners courses: 17 & 26 September; 4 and 19 October
    Beginners Course for Pike 21 September
    Troutmasters final (no other bank or boat fishing) 15 September
    Anglian Water Rudder match 4 October
    Fry Feeders match 18 October.
    Four man team bank match 26 October
    Improve your bank fishing 8 and 23 November.

    Pitsford Water
    Fish week 492 (season 9,555 ) Returns 118 (2,418) Rod average 4.1(3.9)

    Anglers have enjoyed a fantastic week at Pitsford Water with the rod average at 4.1 and lots of bag limits and big catches from most areas of the lake.

    Richard Williams continues to impress taking good bags of fish during his Sunday morning boat sessions. Richard took 8 fish this week on FABs and wet fly patterns. Alex Ferguson fished floating beetle patterns to tempt 6 fish during a morning session. The Fletcher brothers had two cracking Brown trout around 6lb which were returned.

    The Alex Booth Fly Fishers held a boat pairs match which was won by Ian Footman and Baz Street with 16 fish for 29lb 12oz. Roy Lewin and Brian Preedy took second place with Rob Dobson and John Marshall in third.

    Pitsford Water continued

    On Thursday the English Fly Fishers Association fished against a combined Army/Navy Team. 30 Anglers caught 235 fish for a rod average of 7.8. The Army/Navy team were victorious with 85 fish for 142lb 13oz with EFFA catching 82 fish for 127lb 4oz. Top rod was Sean Hanlon with 8 fish for 15lb 9oz. Craig Foggo took the best fish at 2lb 12oz. Best methods are floating or fast glass lines with boobies, wets, hoppers or teams of nymphs, fished on the washing line.

    Best Rainbow 4-5lb.

    Best Brown 3-4lb.

    Best boat areas The Narrows, Main Basin, North Farm Bay, Bog Bay.

    Best bank areas Stilton Point, No Fish Point.

    Best methods See report.

    Mid week boat winner Paul Hopwell of West Haddon.

    Forthcoming events
    Beginners courses: 10,20 & 27 September; 12,18 and 26 October.
    Lure fishing for predators, boat only, to 31 January (subject to boat availability)

    Ravensthorpe Reservoir
    Fish week 395 (season 12,015) Returns 67(1,897) Rod average 5.8(6.3)

    The fishing continues to provide excellent top of the water sport at Ravensthorpe this week with a rod average of 5.8.

    Many of the fish are being taken on the dry fly with claret hoppers being a favourite. Also try Klinkhammers, Bob’s Bits, and Ginger Quill. Crane flies are beginning to show on the water and some anglers are catching well on smaller foam daddies.

    Most of the fish are being caught from boats on the drift across the main bowl of the reservoir or by drifting straight down the middle of the water.

    On brighter days washing line will pay off with a FAB on the point and crunchers on your droppers. Fraser Duffy Junior had a great session on this method mid week bringing 20 fish to the boat.

    North Wales Police had a good day on Friday catching 33 fish with three fish over four pounds and one over seven pounds. Bank anglers are catching off the Dam with John Smith catching a few fish on blobs, but it is not easy.

    Best Rainbow 7lb 6oz.

    Best boat areas Middle of the reservoir, main basin to Dam.

    Best bank areas The Dam.

    Best methods See report.

    Mid week boat winner Mr Cox.

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