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      There has been several threads recently from potential sponsors asking for anglers to send in there angling CV if they are interested in being sponsored.

      So, how do you write an angling CV?

      What do you include?
      What do you leave out?
      How do you set it out?

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      Just lately I have seen these advertisements regular from tackle brands or bait companies. Am I the only angler that thinks you should not have to ask for a deal by sending off a CV, surely the company should know what is happening out on the match fishing scene and what anglers are performing well at whatever level they fish at.
      It seems a bit of a lazy attitude from them just browsing over peoples CVs to see who they will sponsor next, should they not be doing their own research ?

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      looks like you’d be applying for a “job” that doesn’t meet minimum wage, although expenses will be met, you’ll be working for the company. no such thing as a free lunch.

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      I think the best way to view a CV for Angling sponsorship is to imagine your the brand lead and what would you want from a potential sposored angler.

      Similar to a work CV set out your personel details first, then move on to your angling achievements:I:E match wins, festival placings, team wins, club achievements etc.

      I would then move on to your aims and plans for your future ambitions in the sport and where you would like to see yourself in a few years.

      One big point a sponsor will be looking for is what you can offer them in return for free product.
      Your ability to produce detailed product reviews and also detailed blogs will be essential in this age.

      Having been with Guru for a almost a year now I do my best to produce reviews of their products and also provide blogs for both my website and the Guru website.

      I also use up both holiday weeks and day’s off from the tackle shop I run to attend angling shows, filming and article days as well as coaching weeks, so that is also something you will likely need to be able to offer.

      You will need to ask yourself what can you offer the company in exchange for free or cheap products.

      Its definately a two way thing and if you work hard for the brand you will get the best out of the brand in my opinion.

      Some anglers like our lead anglers Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney sell themselves as they are at the top of the tree and are very approachable and media friendly. Anglers like me are light years behind them really but can offer the brand plenty of exposure in other ways.

      If I was leading a brand I would be looking for decent anglers with drive and desire to improve and share their experiance and findings with other anglers.
      People who are polite and approachable and willing to give time up to help at shows etc.

      Basically sell yourself by explaining your achievements and goals for the future and also what you can offer the brand in exchange for the exposure and goods.

      IMO of course. 🙂

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      I don’t know what they expect to pick up from ordinary anglers sending in CV’s? I somehow don’t expect they will drop their jaws at any CV, as you really can’t win anything at a reasonable level without making notice of yourself.

      It could however be a sneaky way of getting “sponsored anglers” that are in reality just ordinary customers with a free cap and a towel. Sneaky 🙂

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      Declan Crosby

      There are many people who are working on the angling cv that will make you perfect if you doing practice and get perfect results. Therefore before going to allresumeservices you need to know the whole detail about the angling cv.

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