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    i have just started carp fishing but i dont know what the best carp bait to use for them.can you please help me.

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    pinapple wangers if all else fails!

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    Boiles and pellets. feed loadz of pellats with choped boiles nd fish a boile over the top.

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    sweetcorn mate take it any where also use hemp seed

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    predrilled halibut pellets
    12mm to 20mm for river carp over a bed of 8mm halibuts and tares

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    Big question , to get the best idea of the type of fishing you are having a go at a few more pointers would help.
    what is the water(s) like you are targetting, are they heavily stocked and pressured?
    Have you chatted the other anglers fishing the water ?
    if other anglers sticking to tried and tested methods look at what they are doing and try the same if you have some success then try fine tuning to achieve more ( keep your secrets to yourself though)lol.
    if you don t seem to be catching the same as the others then i would doubt they are really revealing their secrets anyway.
    if the norm is for people to fill the swim in with boilies and pellets try fishing pva bags and single hook baits as the fish may be wary of big beds of bait.
    as for what individual bait to use….well try and talk to the anglers on the lake and get to know them don t ask at first but bide your time and they will eventually help out……in the mean time i would suggest a good food source boilie from one of the big bait companies , but also try corn/fake corn amd also pellets.
    one big tip is be patient and find your fish before casting out and then try to work out where and when they feed and get a bait in the right spot then its down to them feeding or not but you ll have given yourself the best chance.

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    use a wofter rig, with a richworth strawberry pop up, feed a bed of crushed straberry bollies and 6mm halubut pellets,

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    For an all round answer I would suggest if you fish three rods, try one with corn, one with a good boilie and one with a pop-up.Then see which produces and adapt the other rods from there.

    Cheers Dave.

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    No such thing as a best bait for carp. All baits catch carp.
    Forget all the fancy stuff that people have already recommended and take it from me, most of the ‘names’ you see in the mags saying they caught such & such fish on [Insert SPONSORS bait here] have caught the fish on SWEETCORN (and I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen this by some of the biggest names in carp angling).

    Bait is secondary to location. You can use the best bait in the world but if there are no fish in front of you but they are at the other end of the venue, you will not catch anything.

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    look mate if a fish is hungry it’ll eat anything i’ve caught carp on pepporani and strange things like that i’ve also heard of people using cheese and potatos and other normal foods

    but the main thing is to present it right

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    Main thing is to find the fish, second thing is to present it right.

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