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      Hi, after some advice.

      After fishing a match yesterday and with the bites being minute from hand sized skimmers and roach with odd bigger skimmers. Im after a very light bomb rod with very sensitive quiver tips. Not casting too far only needs to be around 10′ long

      Which do u all recommend??


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      look at the new shakespeare sigma wand under £40 and comes with 3 nylon tips ideal for roach and skimmers and its 10ft

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      The Drennan IM8 Bomb Rod is a superlative rod for this type of fishing. Super soft through action and fine 1/2 and 3/4 oz tip sections rather than push in tips.

      Probably impossible to break off on the strike. Fantastic performance however discontinued….

      They crop up on eBay on a regular basis and £60 will buy a good one (£120 new).

      You won’t be disappointed.

      Alternatively Silstar 3545 rods are slim and light with a selection of tips, 3587 if you need something more progressive (probably one of the best bream rods in the 320 guise).

      But, for sheer quality and finesse then, to me, it is the Drennan all the way!

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      Have been offered a silstar powerwind match picker 3547-290. What do u reckon to these and what strength are the tips. only has 2 tips with it and believe there was originally 3??
      Any help appreciated?

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      3547-290 is a good little rod ,tips will be plenty soft enough,did come with three that you could store in the butt section.Look out for second hand Daiwa Amourphous AWl 11TQ.

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      Tarps, I think that the Silstars came with four tips and it is the longer ones that will be most suited to close in fishing (I used to use the 3587-320 for hair rigging baits with a bomb on the pole line if I had overfed and had too many fish in the swim as the long supersoft tips would not tend to spook fish causing them to bolt off and false bites).

      The 290 is a very soft rod, probably built on a fly rod blank. Slim but will do what you want.

      The push in quivertips are much slimmer than the Drennan/Preston type.

      Good luck!


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      have the silstar, great little rod, I’ve bought and adapted a 1/4 oz tip (not sure whose it was) to fit for those days when any slight knock is a bite and small fish are important.

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      Hi Mike,

      Where you fishing, Mirehouse?

      I bought a 10ft Shakey Mach2 XT for short work and Roach. Lovely little rod for the money (£36). I’ve since snapped off 2 inches from the heaviest carbon tip though and use it with a swingtip, seems to work perfectly for little Roach.


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      Still fishing Mirehouse but not as often as I would like. I also have two of the Shakespeare 10ft Mach 2XT, brilliant carp feeder rods.but find them to stiff for small silvers.

      My best rods are two silstar diaflex 10ft had them over 20yrs.

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