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    Any updates welcome.

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    Method feeder … Bomb and pellet … Pellet wag … Oh u need a carp Matt as well … Or is that a prayer Matt now?? Lol

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    Don’t know were you are pegged, but our club had a match on the dam wall on the 04/05/13… it was won with 75lbs (11fish) on peg 1, next wieght was off peg 2 55lbs, then the rest of the lads struggled several dry nets..the method was most productive but be prepared to make a long chuck, bites were a struggle unless you went right out for them. from what Ive heard the rest of the res, is also struggling as well.. good luck were ever you end up.
    ps the baits used were pop up boilie’s and double corn off the top two pegs.tried the pellet wagg for about 1& half hours,not a sniff ..

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    Fished Peg 5 on the Dam wall last week (pleasure not match) and caught initially on Method at 50 yds and then on pellet wag. Had 24 carp in total for approx 180/200lb.
    It was a lovely day reminiscent of the weather we used to get in May. As soon as the wind dropped and the sun came out the surface was alive with fish.
    I’m there on Sunday with the club fishing the Dam Wall and the Yachter bank. Suspect a cold week ahead will make things very difficult indeed. Fingers crossed for better weather by the weekend.

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    fisherman phil

    Fsihed a match last tuesday on pegs 80 to 94 ….11.30 Till 5.30 three weights over 200lb caught early on method then last couple of hours on pellet waggler…Now its a little warmer waggler should go all day and also bomb

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    If anyone is there this weekend please provide info. Off there for a few days next week.

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    Any news lads?

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    I’m going tomorrow. Spoke to the baliff, there is a small match booked in the 80’s, but it seems to be fishing quite well from most areas. I expect to fish somewhere in the 70’s, but the fish may be spawning so it could be difficult. Any information regarding parking would be helpful.
    Regards Peter

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    Thanks chaps, i’ll post a report on thursday.
    Regards Peter.

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