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    The browning force 11ft commercial pellet waggler rod II.

    I honestly beleive that browning have slipped up making this rod, why because they have underpriced the product, how they can produce a rod of this calibre for next to no money is mind bogling, the rods action is superb pure parabolic, casting weights up to 20 grams, it has a lovely crisp action which will improve accuracy on the cast and a short butt section so you can comfortably manouvre this rod across your torso.If you havern’t seen one of these exceptional rods I seriously recommend that you have a look. I think that these will be as successful as the garbo knock out rods, especially for slightly bigger wags, having said that they will be perfect for all pellet wag fishing.

    at the mo you can buy them on e-bay for a measly £34.99 plus postage
    Don’t take my word for it as what suits one angler may not suit another so visit a tackle shop and have a look before you buy.

    I remember when the daiwa procaster reels first came out they sold for £30.00
    because of the fact they were so popular the best price is now around £45
    I wonder and will look with interest to see if the price starts to rise with these rods! in the same manner I think demand will definately outstrip supply like the garbo Knockout rod I predict that those who miss the gravy train could well end up waiting more than a few months before they get there hands on what I see is a fabulous bit of kit for the money , Luckily I have already got my two 😀

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    just like the force carp wand 8ft feeder rod excellent.

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    They will fly off the shelves I need to have a look at the commercial 10ft bomb rod, I have a 10ft carbonactive and wanted another one however need to take a look at the browning jobby first to compare like for like if there is hardly any difference then I would rather pay £30 than £120

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    ive got the 10ft bomb rod fred and its simply awesome for the price

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    I think a lot of the credit for these rods goes to Frank Thomas

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    When I see Frank I’ll Thank him for producing what must be the best rods ever for the price, the pellet wag rods are a great slim line blank with a superb action can’t wait to see the rest of the range, this could put other more well known expensive rods on the back burner as the difference is negligable between top of the range and the browning rods.

    I was going to say cheap but then I thought “how very,very, dare you” 😉 😀 😀 😀

    the 10ft bomb rod must be good if youv’e got one craig, must be worth a look or even a punt without looking, will it chuck 30gram methods to islands? and handle lumps though craig? as it does say for winter carp work?

    Steve I have pm’d you, I am not sure if the syntec is the same rod (it may even be the MK1 rod) the details on the rod bag read as
    “Browning Commercial force pellet waggler 2 20g
    Art no 1214330 L:11′ /3.30m

    I have just checked E-bay and the rod is listed as ” New Browning Force Commercial Pellet 11ft Rod ” no mention of syntec in listing.

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    TF_Big Finn

    Fred, the 10ft Bomb rod is great for 30/40yd dobs with a 30gram method feeder. I have had some lumps on mine upto about 12lb and has coped well.

    I also use the 11ft Pellet Wag and love it, i actually had my PB carp on it a few weeks ago, 17lb 12oz it weighed, handled the fish superbly, bent right through and didnt worry me once.

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    Thanks Big Finn thats me sorted

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    @Fred Davis wrote:

    They will fly off the shelves I need to have a look at the commercial 10ft bomb rod, I have a 10ft carbonactive and wanted another one however need to take a look at the browning jobby first to compare like for like if there is hardly any difference then I would rather pay £30 than £120

    sold my 2 preston 1oft mini carp rods and replaced them with the 10ft bomb rods after adam richards showed and recomended them…stunning

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    The Sheffield based Ebay retailer is just up the road so I popped over to give them a once over and they have sold all the PW rods!!!
    They had stock of other rods in the range and I agree Fred they appear to offer very good value for money. Anyone else found them in stock anywhere else?

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    Is this the same rod that Browning have had out for the past 2-3 years Fred?

    I’ve got 2 of the Champions Choice 11″6 wag rods from 3 years ago, think they were around £100 retail, and these rods are excellent, superb! I tried the said Force rods because I could get them so cheap through Browning but didn’t think much of them, they resembled a poker stick more than a wag rod.

    The 10ft champions choice 10ft bomb rod also sits proudly in my rod bag which they don’t make anymore, Browning have certainly stepped up their tackle since I left them a few years ago.

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    Hi Fred,at the top of your 1st post,you state the rod is a mk11. :confused: Then on your 3rd post there is no mention of it’s a mk11.Had a look on ebay and still unsure which one to go for,as the £34.99 one did not state is was a mk11.

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    I found two at another local retailer but they are slightly different rods, Browning force pellet wag 2, 11 foot two piece art no 1214350. On the graphics it says they are” Browning Pellet force wag 2″ rods.
    I have the shaky mach 3 11 footers, the Brownings look to have a bit more grunt for big chucks with heavier floats, @ £40 each which I paid they are very good value.

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    Sorry for the slow reply slippery but my modem went up the creek and I had to wait 3 days for a new one to be sent which arrived this morning and yes your quite right on the listing on ebay it did not say Mk 2, on the rod however when I received both my force commercial pellet wag rods “2” was what was written on the rod. A lot of our lads have seen these rods and quite a few of the postal lads will be snapping them up I have already noticed the price has jumped to mid 40’s from a lot of sellers so news is getting around about how good these waggler rods are.

    Tim D – Poker stick 😮 obviously a different rod these have a parabolic action and bend right through, these new rods look spot on.

    JohnH looks like you have got the same rods mt8 and yes I notice the sheffield ebayer which is where I got mine from has already sold out, unless he gets some more anglers will have to pay a bit extra, still worth every penny of the full rrp which is sixty something imo, when you think all pellet wag rods with a parabolic action from most other companies your looking at paying £100+

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    Browning have some realy good kit out at the moment force rods are the best I have seen for the money .but also check out the ultra match reels they ate superb for the money . And also have. A look at the z 12 these are in my opinion the best pole on the market .check out the website they also got a website just for the z12 if you go to our own website Browning spa .com you will find it on there

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    Gents.The full RRP is 55 pound. So shop around for a good price.
    I would prefer if you went to your local tackle shop to buy it. But thats your choice.
    The Force Commercial 11 ft Pellet Waggler 11 (2) Article no 1214330 is what you want.
    There was the Mark 1 version out two years back.
    The Mark 2 is a completely different beast.It has a shorter handle, slimmer blank and has a parabolic action.
    The Force Range of rods replaced the Syntec Range.
    If anyone lives in the East/South East of the country, you can always PM me and i can tell you the nearest stockist to you.

    Frank Thomas for London Mayor

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    Jolleyboy thats exactly the number on the two rods 11ft pellet wag that I have purchased off of an E-Bay seller I would also have prefferred to purchase them from a local tackle shop however would I have got them for £34.99 each? mind you having said that a lot of the dealers/e-bay shops including the chap that I bought mine from are authorised browning dealers so obviously Browning are happy for there rods to be sold on e-bay otherwise they wouldn’t supply them! and around my way nearly all the local tackle shops don’t sell browning products so unless I want to spent another £30 in diesal to go to colemans cottage or Davis angling I would be stuffed, however if anyone is lucky enough to have a local tackle shop that does stock browning products then you can always negotiate the price I dare say, the rod’s finish has been upgaded on the latest rod release range from reddy/brown to a black finish similar to the preston carbonactives. The range of rods is spectacular value for money.

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    The ones I have Fred are reddy brown not black but the model number is the same.
    Not tried them yet as my shakys are made up in the sleeves.

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    John, I also have the reddy/brown ones although a few of my mates have the newly released models in black, same rod, different finish.

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    Thanks Fred, tried the adapted Pellet wag BTW, a drennan crystal 5g wag with a 20mm diameter rubber disc glued to the weight and it makes a huge difference to the diving problem.
    Suffers a loss on distance on casting of about 5m though. The fish could feel it as I had loads of dinks and had to fish it on the slide to fool them.
    Normally for super shallow I use a short unloaded float but definately some milage in the rubber disc idea, like Preston new wags have.

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    Hi Fred
    Hope you are well.
    Im not sure of whereabouts in London you are, but i remember you are a fellow Spurs supporter, so im guessing North London.
    You may want to contact or visit J&B Tackle in Edmonton, Lee Valley Tackle, Bowlers or Robertsons in Dagenham, County Angling in Hornchurch, Keswalls in Woodford Bridge or Chingford (not sure its on the border) Redbridge Lakes.
    All have had, or have in stock, the range of Browning Force Rods.

    Thanks for the positive feedback. The guys back at HQ appreciate it.
    We have some new additions to be launched soon.
    Representing great value, along the same quality and spec as last years range.
    Fred i will let you have a play with my samples as soon as i get them. 🙂

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    Jolleyboy nice to see you posting mt8 healthwise I am in very good shape and extremely fit after what was a gruelling period of bad health a couple of years ago, long may it continue 🙂 Great to here that the lads at HQ like the feedback but credit where credit is due, the range of rods is fantastic, I have also obtained the commercial bomb rod and have ordered another, I have a few bomb rods like the maver reactolite, the carbonactives,beastmasters and these browning rod range are up there with the best imo,I know a lot of the postal lads like the 8ft commercial bomb rod, one of my team mates phoned me yesterday and said he had made a few purchases including a carbonactive mini feeder rod and a tdr reel so he could use it at our stafford moor festival in another week or so, he had seen that I had a 20lb carp on the carbonactive at Barston in the inter services match so decided to buy one! I asked him if he had seen the browning rods as it could have saved him a near ton he’s gutted!!!!!!!!!!!! and so am I because he could have had my carbonactive for the right price lol 🙁 After showing the pellet wag rod to the white hart lads in dagenham there was an immediate order of several rods (from one of the lads who gets his gear chreaper with bulk orders from a tackle shop in milton keynes) and thats before I had even used mine, as jack fitz said you can see there quality, so a job well done by browning for making an expensive rod action within reach of every angler because it’s at a very affordable price, well jolleyboy you’l let me play with your samples thats an offer I can’t refuse :rolleyes: however be careful if there that good you may have to wait a while to get them back lol
    A force distance feeder for Venues such as barston? would be nice 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    however you have wetted my apetite telling me that more rods within the range will be released, can’t wait

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    fisherman phil

    Can anybody tell me the difference between the syntec and the mark II……I brought the syntec and used it for the second time at Boddington on tuesday and had 27 carp on the waggler for 217lb…Thought it was a great bit of kit for the price so if the mark II is better then i might get one of them to

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    They are basically the same. The Force range succeeded the Syntec range,
    The Force range has been upgraded cosmetically.
    The Force have different handles and has been tweaked a little.
    Hope this helps.

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