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        It would appear that I have been a little hasty in posting a previous thread regarding Lee Taylor and the value of a cheque I sent him. After having had several PM’s between us it looks like the banking system could well be to blame. I intend to take it up with the bank tomorrow morning and get to the bottom of it. I never intended to accuse Lee of robbery and was only looking for an explanation as to the different amount. I therefore apologise to Lee for casting aspersions on his character. Anthony Sparrow.

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        TF_slim shady

          Good of you to aspologise ,but next time just think before you go in all guns blazing.

          This would not have got out of hand if you had just sent him a pm. Then this would have been sorted quicktime.

          Even myself did not think crunchy would screw you for 0.90p

          Ninety quid and he would be bang to ~naughty

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            Well I ain’t happy, I can promise you that!

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              Missed this one…whats gone on?

              Whatever it is Lee is as honest as they come Ant so must be some sort of mix up….

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                ant….i thought you knew it was bank charges ?

                you plonker rodney !! lol

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                  ant welcome to my world~clap

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                    This has got to be a wind up, well done lads ,you nearly had me fooled.

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                    TF_slim shady

                      It is not a wind up, and as the lad has aspologised publicly on the site, i dont think anything else needs to be said.
                      It was a mix up between 2 people,and i am sure crunchie does’nt want this to drag on . The thread was rightfully removed, and as i said in my earlier post : THINK before you post,and if you need specific information ,then pm the person concerned. nuff said~naughty

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                        Now I KNOW it is a wind up Slim!

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                          Not a wind up ~naughty … lets have this thread removed too and return to normal service.

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                            yep agree with pete get rid please

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