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        Oi! I sent you a cheque for a fiver to help replace nigels nicked scales and my bank statement says £5.90, you didn’t add the 90p by any chance?? Seems like this is my day to be f**ked over by more than one person. Losing the will to live here…. either that or I’m gonna take a few with me, the postie for one!

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          Sponsored angler now. They always charge a commission for any work undertaken Ant…

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          TF_slim shady

            I have heard that wincantons shares are down this month,so that is cc’s commission charge.pmsl

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              His Harley ain’t cheap to run……~clap

              More likely a short sighted clerk read your poorly written zero as a nine~think

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                I think you owe me an apology , I have put the cheques in , they have been cashed , if your writing is not clear on the cheque , then you should sort it with the bank , and not band my name over the site as though I have robbed you , You could have pm’d me Ant , and I could have looked at it , but now you can shove it!! i will even give you your £5:90 back!!

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