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    This has probably been asked before but can anyone suggest a really strong pole for commercial bagging that will take the CTK5 & 10 top kits ?
    Was looking for something up to 12m that is built like an ox. Not sure wether to be on the lookout for things like the Daiwa meanstreak , strongbeam or yanknbank ?
    What do all you guys use when you dont want to risk your tourny pro ? 🙂

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    I all so have a tourny pro and i have purple and red hydro in the power kits and i have no problems with big lumps in the margins, the only thing i do is swap the standard number 4 for the short number 4. Good luck and trust your kit.

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    Hi Shipo , agree totally and for nearly 9 years have trusted it in open water. Recently started fishing snaggy lake with plenty of reeds and stems , you have to be forceful and lean into them hard which has just cost me a number 6.
    Was hoping someone could recommend something compatable , to save breaking sections at £200 ish ………..would be well impressed if I can keep the tourney going in one piece for a couple more years 😉 😉

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    Daiwa tops will go straight on a Trabucco Lucifer and also a Milo Spider.
    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Thats great , thanks very much 🙂

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