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    I’m thinking of upgrading my pole for another Daiwa, are the power kits suitable for fishing long, shallow etc or are they more suited for margin work or up to say 8 metres.I’ve noticed the pole I’ve got my eye on comes supplied with 4 interlastic BBK1 +interlastic No3 sections. Has anyone used these and if so what’s your opinions. Cheers.

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    i had an whisker pro performance and tho the pole was superb the power kits ctk5’s i think where trash too heavy mtk3’s where better with the no1 removed dont know what the bbk’s are like

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    The BBK’s are much better than the power kits as its only top section thats differant. The no3’s are standard and are fine for most situations but if you are fishing very long go for the MT3 as with the no1 removed they will do just about everything you ask of them.

    I got 4 BBK’s with mine, fitted 2 with red hydro for munters and margin fishing and sold the other two to buy more MT3’s. If I’m fishing shallow I don’t want red hydro anyway so never an issue.

    I am quite happy using really tight 16 solid but I know loads who even put red hydro through the MT3’s without any issues.

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    For fishing long shallow the match kits are perfect. The power kits are much heavier and make fishing long harder.
    As for the BBPK they are an improvement on the power kits but in my experience the middle sectins on the BBPK are vulnerable when under strain, I have broke two kits recently but not had a problem with the match or power kits.
    With puller kits I am finding I am increasingly using lighter elastics, even down the edge. However this still imparts great stress on the kits when fish are in netting range and you have drawn out most of the play in the elastic.
    I would only ever use red hydro if I was in a snag pit and then only in a power kit..

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    I really dont know why daiwa doesnt give you an option of what you want with your pole,the power kits are only worthy of margin fishing and the big bore ones arent much better,I got 3 match and 4 powers with mine and would of took all match kits any day of the week.

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    BBPK 1 s with a short no 3 up the backend were all the rage, do people still rate doing this ?

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