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    Tight Lines this week…

    Friday 13th January 7:00pm Sky Sports 3
    Repeated: 10:00pm Sky Sports 4
    Sat. 2:00am Sky Sports 4
    4:30am Sky Sports 3
    7:00am Sky Sports 2

    Specimen carp fishing dominates the show this week when Keith’s guest will be Darrell Peck, one of the finest anglers of his generation and a true carp-catching machine.

    If there’s anything you want to ask them send your question in via an e-mail to [email protected] as soon as possible.

    There’ll be some bankside tips on winter baits and presentation from fellow carper Brian Skoyles as we follow him on a session at Welham Fisheries in Yorkshire.

    You can also see Keith on the River Dever in Hampshire where he sets about catching roach, and other species, with his trusty float rod and a bag of maggots.

    In addition, Keith will have his weekly Fishery Focus in which he’ll have advice on conditions and the best approach to take on a variety of typical waters around the UK.

    Next week Keith will be joined in the bothy by renowned matchman Bob Nudd MBE, a four-time world champion and one of the most popular anglers in history.

    Please keep the questions, and your photos for the ‘Young Angler of the Month’ competition, coming in via e-mail to [email protected].

    Check out our website for all sorts of programme information, features, young angler photos, venue contact details and podcasts of the shows – http://www.skysports.com/tightlines

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