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      David Hall Memorial Results 2019, The Glebe Fishery

      Top Thirty
      1 Lee Kerry 154lb 15oz
      2 Andy Findlay 125lb 2oz
      3 Ben Lawrence 97lb 9oz
      4 Alex Rimmer 90lb 14oz
      5 Dave Brown 90lb 3oz
      6 Steve Baker 75lb 8oz
      7 Andy Neal 72lb 13oz
      8 Dave Lloyd 69lb 13oz
      9 David Haynes 69lb 12oz
      10 Pemb Wrighting 63lb 11oz
      11 Adam Dowd 61lb 15oz
      12 Jake Fowles 60lb 12oz
      13 Adam Rumble 59lb 10oz
      14 Graeme Herbert 56lb 7oz
      15 Graham West 56lb 4oz
      16 Jon Arthur 53lb 11oz
      17 Roger Marlow 53lb 4oz
      18 Rob Perkins 52lb 15oz
      19 Roger Fowles 51lb 3oz
      20 Paul Whitfield 48lb 2oz
      21 Des Shipp 47lb 11oz
      22 Rob Wootton 47lb
      23 Dan Webb 44lb 9oz
      24 Frankie Gianoncelli 44lb
      25 Mick Wilkinson 42lb 5oz
      26 Arron Baker 42lb 2oz
      27 Mark Parker 39lb 12oz
      28 Joe Carass 38lb
      29 Steve Martin 35lb 11oz
      30 Ian Chadburn 34lb 4oz

      (If you didn’t make the top 30 and want to know where you finished, email me and I will let you know)

      Silver Fish
      1 Des Shipp 32lb 2oz
      2 Mick Wilkinson 22lb 11oz

      1 Lee Kerry & Steve Baker 230lb 7oz
      2 Ben Lawrence & David Haynes 167lb 5oz

      Best Am
      Steve Baker

      We raised a total of £245 for Macmillan. Huge thanks to Jake for his help and for working out the payout, and to Roy Marlow for lending us the Glebe and sorting the pegging.

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