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      TF_Mark Wintle

        As someone who is deeply interested in angling history I would like to compile a list of both team and individual winners of the Div 1 since 1972, including venues and no. of teams.

        Recent statements that Dorking were the first team to defend a Div 1 title – I think the BAA did it back in 1975 and 1976 – make this a worthwhile job as there isn’t a reference point. I will make the table available to this site when complete. I have a cache of AT & AM in the loft and have always strived to keep the issues with these results every year so will need to get up there and have a dig around.

        I already have some of the results just off the top of my head, mainly 1970s and 80s but will check everything.

        Pre 1972 I have a list already as it was published in the early 1970s.

        Please add known results to this thread.

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        TF_Mark Wintle

          I’ve been through three boxes of papers so far; doing well prior to 1992 but anyone who knows any results post 1992 – venue, team/individual winners, year, winning weight, no. of teams – please feel free to contribute.

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            There are a few who will be able to help you out on Simple Match Fishing (HanKaT Section) . Some on there have won Division 1 Nationals both individually and with their teams and would only be too glad to help.

            Would make a fantastic nostalgic thread 😉 😎

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              Keep at it Mark, the Angling trust results Archive only goes to the year 2000


              I can see a new book coming on?

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              TF_Mark Wintle

                Cheers, Rich,

                I hadn’t found that lot!

                Keep stumbling across ancient match results as I dig through 40 years worth of papers.

                Well done on the BA, sounds like a great match.

                The main missing results are now 1992 to 1999 plus a few individual winners like 1976, 79, 81 and Pete Burrell’s weight from 1980.

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                  I’m sure the Angling Trust will help if you call them. Good luck with the project. Ken Cope’s son kept his pictures I think…. (hope).


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                  TF_Mark Wintle

                    I’ve just asked the Angling Trust. I found more info in an old 1988 Angler’s Mail annual; that gave me everything up to 1986.

                    As suspected Birmingham AA were the first team to successfully defend a Div 1 title, winning in 1975 and 1976.

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                    Jim McMahon

                      TF_Mark Wintle

                      Hello mark, I know my response to this thread is ten years late, but did you ever complete the list? I cannot find one published anywhere. Maybe if the list was available, between us, we could maybe enter it into Wikipedia.


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