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      big chub

        You have heard the saying its a thankless job. Well is it ? Why would you volunteer for the job, Is it because you think you could do a better job than the person already doing the job ? Or did the existing match organiser resign and you were voted in for the job, there are a number of different reasons that i could think of.

        From experience match organisers do not get paid to do it, or do they ? Club match organisers may get there subs paid for the year. If its an open match organiser its unlikely that he would benefit, that is unless he runs a fishery, and then he would benefit from selling bait and offering a breakfast facility, and he may have a tackle shop on site and he would benefit from selling tackle and bait.

        personally I took up the job at club level because the match secretary resigned and nobody else wanted to do it.

        I also ran some open Matches and did it because i wanted to.

        Do you think the match winner should offer the match organiser a drink for his efforts. It would be ineresting to see comments from both sides of the coin, Match organisers and Match anglers.

        For the record i no longer match fish or organise matches. And i still go fishing.

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