drennan pole master MRGIN CARP, 8.5m 2x top kits!!!

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    drennan polemaster MARGIN CARP! 8.5m
    comes with 2 top kits
    only used a handfull of times
    selling in shops for £129.99

    selling for £70

    will post at extra cost..!

    based in south yorkshire!!!!!

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    hi why dont you sell it for £50 thats what you payed me for it on sunday~think

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    Ill give you a king size snickers and half a bag of damp micros from aston ponds, and 12pence!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    im actually selling for a friend who incidently offered you the money then never turned up,, remember!
    he is a tackle dealer and is selling more stuff on here through me!!!
    you got what you wanted for it didnt you?
    its his now and he can ask what he likes for it!!!

    incidently kirstie,,make it a full bag of micro’s and a 13 pence and a double decker and you got a deal!!!!
    dont like snickers,,,im alergic to nuts
    tha nose!!!!

    LOL!~sick ~sick

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    ~clap ~clap ~clap

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    Strange thats not what you said when I put my nuts in your mouth Lloyd!

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    ‘ere we go,, the gimps turned up!
    ~sick ~sick ~sick

    get that daiwa zaion bought ian,,you know it makes sense rodders!


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    still for sale

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