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      TF_Steve Townson

        I spent a week in the Summer at what I can only describe as the most comfortable lodge in Brazil that I have ever experienced.

        This fantastic floating Hotel/Lodge gets our #1 thumbs up for the angler who wants complete comfort and pampering while able to catch a bundle of big fish.

        In’s honest opinion, we would classify this amazing floating hotel and fishing trip as our top 5* destination.
        For the avid lure and fly angler, this has got to go on the bucket list!

        In this particularly productive and varied watershed, there is a huge diversity of species to be caught. With over 150 lakes and lagoons (landlocked and off the river), three main rivers (the Rios Juruena and Teles Pires meet to form the Tapajós, and the lodge is situated at the confluence) and many other tributaries, this is simply a huge fishing area.

        Great top water action can be had with big Cichla pinima Peacock Bass (to 22lbs!), Arowana, Bicuda and other species using small-medium Prop baits, poppers and stick baits/Spooks in the many lagoons and lakes, against the submerged trees and tree stands, off points and sand bars, along the banks and all over the river system and tributaries. One angler while I was there caught 187 Peacock Bass to over 17lbs in just one day, all on topwaters!

        Excellent subsurface action can also be had using minnow/jerkbaits, bucktail jigs with extended tails and other smaller lures, for big Cichla pinima Peacock Bass, Payara/Vampire fish, Corvina, Arowana, Bicuda and many other species. As this is mainly a shallow river, Payaras are found more in the shallow rocks and rapides and it’s a lot of fun seeing them side-swipe a lure near the surface!

        Fly fishing at this destination is the very best that we have ever experienced at any lodge and anglers can target huge Peacock Bass, Payara, Arowana, Bicuda, Jataruána, Matrnxã, Jacunda, Pacu sp. Tambaqui, the occassional Wolf Fish and many other species with amazing results in the lakes, river, rapids, points and tributaries. A particularly favourite method is sight casting from the many beaches and sand bars. Most of the faster species found in or near rapids and fast water, like Bicuda and Payara, (there are even Peacock Bass behind the rocks in the fast water) will rip line off your reel at a blistering pace.

        There are plenty of Catfish species to target also, including two species of Surubim/Shovelnose (Cacharra/Tiger Cats and the larger Capararí that grows to over 60lbs!), Barbado, Jundia/Leopard, Dourada (Golden Cats), Jau, Redtails, Piranambu, Piraiba and more (these are best targeted from November – June when the water is higher).

        Please check out this promo video that Bill Day, Caito Lanhoso Martins and I made for this fabulous destination:

        I currently have places open for weeks 16-23 July and 12-19 September 2016 should anyone be interested in joining me.
        Please email me at [email protected] for more information.

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