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    Hi just got my tourney,and just wondering what sort of elastic I should use to cover every situation.Got 5 x match top kits and 5 x power kits. Fishing only commercials catching everything from skimmers, f1 to double figure carp. I’ve got already some of the preston hollow’s elastic- 9h,13h,15h,17h,19h, but I’m also prepared to buy some hydro. Any help will be appreciated.

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    iv got 7 match top kits.1 pink hydro for all silvers 1 blue and 1 white for f1.s and small carp sometimes big carp on white too. 2 grey for 3lb to the bigger carp and 2 black all on pulla’s if the black dont tame em nothing will. Think iv covered all area’s. However youd be supprissed what a difference the white hydro plays with the pulla’s

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    I have 1 double 4 for silvers
    2 white
    2 grey
    2 black
    1 red but I’m going to change that to yellow preston

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    If you have already got Preston in them sizes why bother getting hydro…….to a degree its personal opinion but here goes with what works for me assuming you essentially do commercials as you say: –

    2 x Midi – 3/4 doubled up for silvers and winter
    2 x Middy 6-10 for winter commercials and F1’s
    2 x Preston 11h or white hydro – general summer / heavy winter
    2 x Grey hydro (for some reason I can’t get on with the 13h perished too quick!!)
    2 x Black hydro or Preston 15h – stepped up general use
    2 x Red hydro or 17/19h – for lump fishing

    The only others I occassionally use are solid latex 14 or 16 set tight when I want limited stretch ie near snags etc

    Before you say thats 12 not 10 I’d either buy two more kits or drop top / bottom depending on the time of year.

    Oh I’d also flog/swap 3 power tops and replace with match tops they are better and with no1 removed will do everything (I use PT3 for red hydro but know others who use MT3’s)

    Theres loads of good elastic out there so when you find some you like double up and settle on a few rather than having 10 different ones!!!

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    Some of us can only afford the Drennan carp bungee so it’s good job it’s perfect.

    Green for anything from 2oz to 2lb.
    Yellow for 2lb to 5lb
    Pink for 5lb to low doubles
    Red for submarines.

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