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    Baz,i will leave a quid in Bucko’s for your lad(Chelsea fan).I watched the 1st half mate,tbh it was dire & i switched over,for what it’s worth it would be scandelous if Billy Davies got the push,you can only work with what you got & he aint gotta lot.HOPE to be playing you next year,though i aint saying anything this year :):),& no i dont want directions to wembley :).

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    Cheers Jeff.

    My lad was well happy with that result.

    We will be down by the end of jan.

    Billy davies has to go,week in week out he leaves the best players on the bench till last 10 minutes,which by then the game is lost.

    See you in 2 years when we are with you in league 1 :0).

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    No way will you go down twice,not with the stupid parachute money.Mike Parry came up with a good idea on Talksport,give the champions+r/up of the championship the money so they can at least compete to a point straight away,the payments as they stand only reward failiure.From what i saw today,there was no point pumping repeated long balls to Miller,if you had to do that Howard should have been on who is at least good in the air,with Miller feeding off him.I cant see the Der*y board handing him much money in the window,they will save it for next year,mind you,you will get good crowds in the championship as a big % bought season tickets for 2 yrs,a crafty bit of marketing that ;).

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    It would be good if they got a payment straight away as you need to spent 15 million plus if you want to compete in the premier.

    Rumour has it that mclaren will be next Derby boss.

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    Rumour also has it that Derby’s next sponsor will be Nu-brolli :).At least you will be able to bring on the subs in 5.2secs if Mclaren takes over,Lewis Hamilton on the wing,+ i suppose it’s the only way you will get 10 points.

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    if that happens then the poor Rams will be relegated for the second season in succession…..

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