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      TF_Daz Newell

        Fished pellet wag for the first time this season today,came 2nd with 83lb 10oz.!st was 86lb 30z(1 bl@@dy fish,gutted).
        With all te snow and rain i was surprised when the guy to my right started catching up in the water.
        I had 8/9 ft at 11m on pole so thats where i was starting and feeding the wag line regular as the sun was shining.After 30 mins he had 3 carp in his net and i hadnt had a bite,so up the bank went the pole and out with the wag.
        I was spraying the 4&6mm pellets at regular intervals but i couldnt keep the fish interested,to be honest i think they were staying in the ripple as when the ripple came back into my swim so did the fish.
        Very enjoyable 5 hours.
        Looking forward to using this method on the matches this year,brilliant method.

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