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    i am 15yrs old and have to buy my own fishing gear and i want to be buying quality gear but i have found that everything has got too expensive ( like a bivvy costing £500 when i can buy a camping tent for £30 that’ll do the same job ) does anyelse agree or is it just me

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    Think the bivvy / tent is a no-brainer, as for rods, reels, etc. Try to buy the best stuff you can afford but don’t just get the top of the range ‘cos it looks good and is expensive. If you’re carp fishing (I’m no expert) you’d be better off trying to find some good quality second hand rods and reels. They may not match when they are on the pod but I would imaging that would be better for you, different rigs on different rods.

    Above all enjoy your fishing.

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    Best to read reviews on products as expense does not always mean quality

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    TF_Big Finn

    Its not things like bivvys that catch you fish its the line, hooks, bait ect you can catch fish on a shite rod and reel. a saying springs to mind here “ALL THE GEAR NO IDEA”….LOL

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    With all the gear coming out of China presently, fishing tackle has never been cheaper!
    Why do you need to buy Aqua bivvy systems when there are cheaper alternatives that do the same job for a fraction of the price?
    Do what everyone else did when they were 15 as well. SAVE UP! I had to as nobody bought me any fishing tackle and back then when I was 15, there was no cheaper gear available and to get anything near usable would cost in excess of £80 for a rod & £50 for a reel (a lot of money back in those days).

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    buy second hand mate, theres plenty of brand name gear for sale on various fishing forums, you can upgrade your gear slowly without it costing a fortune.

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    fishing is only exspensive if u buy gimmicks that u dont really need.
    a brolly with wings for overnighters at first will do u for your first yrs wont it?, so theres 50 odd quid,i use mine winter or summer,and i like it more than my armo which is a luxery.
    when i started out many yrs ago there wasnt much choice or where too get it and yes it was exspensive ,some things that where the must have would be laughable too even the youth of today.
    i had 2 diff rods and 2 diff reels, i started with a 1 rod set up. no alarms,no matching bank sticks, my bobbins(bite alarm) were fairy liquid bottle tops, one yellow one red.
    i did have a net and homemade matt tho,lookin back those days where more enjoyable than these, where anyone can be a carper for just a few quid.

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    I once made a bivvy from some good quality plastic sheeting and a brass eyelet set from the local ironmongers.It fitted over my sons brolly, could be tied down securely and lasted him about 3 years

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    I personally use a camping tent when I need to use a bivvy as they are cheaper and do the same job.

    I also use Shakespeare rods and Leeda Reels as I can’t afford the extortionate prices that I see in the press. The rods and reels that I use do the same job as the expensive ones and are within my budget therefore I can use the limited funds that I have for buying quality line, hooks and bait, also pay for my day tickets.

    Fishing to me is all about the enjoyment not the gear, the expensive rods and reels and bivvy’s will not let you catch any more than the less expensive ones.

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    i have been carp fishing for 18 years and i must admit i have never seen a bivvy that costs £500… mine cost £50 off an auction site… but you can but new for £60 or less even… as for other tackle.. the selection we have these days is remarkable im sure anglers my age would agree.. when i was 15 tackle shops didnt have a lot of choice.. and i agree with others that most expensive doesnt mean the best… £30/50 buys you a decent rod these days same quality 25 years ago would be over £100… there is so many tackle companys these days and they all want your money.. so when you go to the tackle shop never pay asking price i never do as i know the mark up on a lot of gear is unreal.. i reckon i could set my self up carp fishing for around £500 and then upgrade after few years.. thats how we all do it inless you have a money tree of course lol… and remember this… its whats in the water that catches the fish.. not what your casting with or sitting on or sleeping in…. one more thing a hell of a lot of gear today is desighned to catch the angler not the fish!!!

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    thanks every1

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