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    Has anyone had a poor experience with Fishtec? Like most of us now I purchase a lot of my tackle online and I recently ordered a chair from Fishtec. The order was acknoeledged and payment taken from my account straight away. I thought I would ring to confirm delivery and was told it was out of stock. I cancelled the order and ordered the chair from somebody else. I was told the payment would be credited to my account. That was the 13th July and now the 1st of August I have still not received my refund. After 4 phone calls I have been told they sent a cheque on the 22nd July. Still no cheque! How many suppliers take your money on receipt of order and then tell you its out of stock? I have ordered goods many time from the likes of Harrisons and Chapmans and only pay for the goods when they have been sent. To be honest Fishtec are making no effort to appease me and refund my money. I will after 30 days report them to Trading Standards and I urge everybody to not order anything from Fishtec and suffer my fate!

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    I have to say, Fishtec have always been great when I have dealt with them. However, when using one of the other large mail order companies, I had a lot of problems getting an item changed. I had to pester them for about a month before I got any satisfaction. Good Luck.

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