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    Hi has anyone got a solution to this…….I want to ditch the bottom deep base and just use the seat and drawers. The bottom drawer fouls the ali base frame and wont open…..any ideas please?

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    I have done that.I did fit a extra deep drw i dont have a problem.The deep base fits under the fram .I just uncliped it?

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    I chose to have my deep drawer below the frame, but if you want it above, you could always put the shallow drawer between the frame and the deep drawer.

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    thanks guys , I get the fact that you can put the drawers above or below the aluminium frame , but wether you have a shallow or deep tray immediatly on the frame it fouls on the plastic shroud that is fitted on each corner……………… my box missing something or is it simply a no-can-do ? 😉

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    hi mate can u send me yr num will send pictur of mine iv got 5 draws on mine

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