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    Hi, i have a couple of the Greys Prodigy 2.75 carp rods, they are prob around 4 years old.. Does anybody know what model they are likely to be?? A brief description would be, 2 piece 12ft slim, large butt ring, silver end cap .( sorry did say it was brief :rolleyes: )Thinking it maybe easier to know which model just by the age?? I had them off a mate who had them on an insurance claim but never used them. so unused in mint condition what are they worth?? Im a match angler so have no need of them, wheres the best place to sell??

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    They sound like the original Prodigy rods which go for around £40-50 each second hand. Measure the butt eye diameter and if it is the 50mm ring set on it then you are looking at the upper price range, if the 40mm ring set then £40 a rod is about right.

    You shouldn’t have much problem selling them as they are very popular.

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    cheers for the info fella, thought they were the originals but its good to get a second opinion. Pretty sure its the 50 butt ring so will have another punt at selling them at £50 a piece. They havent been used so someone will be getting a bargain……. Thx again

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