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        I’ve been using these hooks since they first became available, but lately I’ve been having terrible trouble removing them! Anybody else suffered this problem & how have you overcome it?
        regards Peter.

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          I use a drilled out disgorger as they have the eye. Try to keep the line loose as well.

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            Thanks. I think the loose line could be the answer.
            Regards Peter

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              Just goes to show how effective this pattern of hook is. My fish losses are at an all time low since switching to QM 1’s for method and straight lead hair rigging applications.
              How about a spade end version for maggot on the method?

              Guru Pellet Wag also excellent and nothing will straighten the Extra Strong Carp Spade.

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                really like QM1’s – however really struggle when tying 0.19 or 0.22 hook lengths as i find the eye really small when doubling back to finish knot.

                Anyone any tips to make this any easier?
                Have tried cutting line end on a slant.

                As a result been buying the PI ready tied version but would prefer to use QM1’s.

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                  wightangler. I tie 0.19 & 0.22 Ngage easily on QM1,s so the line that you use may be not what it says on the tin! The Drennan power hair rigger is a good alternative pattern.

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                    I can’t get on with these hooks at all. I was trying them again last weekend. First fish out no problem, next 3 fell off half way back. Changed to the drennan carbon feeder and never lost another. In each case size 16 hair rigged pellet straight lead.

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                      I seem to remember having a similar experience when i first started using them, but i was using them on all applications. I settled on ONLY using them on the method. They were an absolute nightmare on anything other than self hooking!

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                        My conclusion based on limited practice is QM1 hooks are great for big fish on the method. For smaller carp sub 3lb or so I think they are a liability on any method. Thats just my opinion. The drennan carbon feeder are so good any hook would be hard pressed to replace them in my box. I fish mostly for carp 2 to 12lb range.
                        I have had some sucess with QM1 size 12 or 14 margin fishing for lumps on heavy elastic.
                        The Guru pellet wag hooks are excellent BTW in my opinion in size 18 or 20.

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                          The Guru QM1 is designed to be used on self hooking /semi bolt methods such as the method.this is due to the circle shape of the hook,as striking in to bites will result in the hook pulling out.they are not suited to long hooklenghs used in normal feeder fishing,the Guru MWG is a better choice for this,and is a superb hook for bream as well as carp.
                          i have used 0.22 n gauge line with these hooks and it goes through the eye easily twice when knotless knotting.some lines may say 0.22 but could actually be nearer 0.25,so could make that difference when threading through the eye

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                          fisherman phil

                            I use these hooks all the time on the method and straight lead and i loose very few fish now also tie these to 0.22 using knotless knot and dont have a problem since starting to use guru line

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                              For carp on the rocket feeder I use these almost exclusively for fish upto 12lb, after that I turn to a heavier gauge hook as I have found that the QM1 can open out on lumps if they make sudden lunges and your drag is not set right.

                              I raely loose a fish once hooked and if I do it’s often down to me getting tired and making mistakes.

                              One point to note when using the knotless knot, if you are right handed the common rotation of the line down the shank with the eye pointing away from you is right over to left, then a few turns right over left over the first 10 or so windings and down through the eye. THE SNAG with that is that using the line in that rotation the line returns through the eye over and against the crease and can wear or even be cut against it. This seams to happen more so with the ‘High Tech’ lines. In these cases I wind the knotless knot in left over right rotation and the line runs back through the eye over the bend of the eye not the crease.

                              As for retrieving the hooks from the mouth of carp largely depends on the size and position, but mostly where space permits I use forefinger against the bend and thumb on the end of the eye then with a downwards movement of the thumb and a roll back of the forefinger the hook rotates out this works 9/10, for the odd one thats got buried then a slamo disgorger or long nose pliers.. If the fish is flapping then you just have to be patient. 🙂

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                                Must be my own cackhandedness !!! – as i had tried tying with pi power line and also even some older square spooled blue labelled matchtek in 0.21 because i reckoned it looked a bit thinner than the pi . Never tried ‘n’ gauge.

                                Even have to wear glasses for tying hooks now, age catching’ up.

                                Cheers for that tip about tying cutnut.

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                                Phoebe Gibson

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