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    Hi, I am a match angler looking for some help, I mostly fish shallow for carp using hair rigged pellets, my problem is that when using standard ‘match’ flouro carbon line the hair can become kinked as you catch fish, and presentation suffers. I often fish with a long hair, 40 mm or more.

    I have been looking for some time at the carp lines availaible, not necessarily to fish with but make the hair with, it has to be translucent and flexible, will stand up to alot of fish catching with out kinking, does not have to be pariculary strong as it will only hold the bait.

    The amount of hook lenghth lines in the big carp world is incredible! I was wondering if given my problem, could they reccomend a carp line to try? I guess it does not have to be fishing line at all,could be another product. I have seen so many rigs in the Big carp world, is there something else out there to concider making the ‘hair’ from ?

    It has to be flexible though, as I imatate falling pellets when I fish shallow, either on the waggler or long pole.

    Any thoughts ?

    cheers, Matt

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    Why not use a hi-tech match rig line such as SMART, N-Gauge, etc for the hair and trap it underneath the knotless knot that you use already? There isn’t anything that I have seen on the speci shelves for that purpose and if I want a fine, supple hair, the above is exactly what I use (unless I use a thin braid which withstands long range casting better with larger boilies).

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