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    16th July 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
    Moat (38 Pegs).

    N Vernon, Gainsborough. Island 36. 154-2-0.
    Neil Vernon won this Sunday open with an impressive 154lb. Neil fished short pole with 8mm pellet for carp steady all throughout the match.
    A Sellars, R and R sports. Outer 107. 152-12-0.
    Andy Sellars used similar tactics to the winner but fell just 2lb behind.
    D Newman, Leegem. Outer 33. 125-12-0.
    Daz Newman fished bomb and meat on his pole line for carp to 15lb.
    S Donahue, Doncaster. Outer 6. 122-12-0.
    S Clark, Mansfield. Outer 39. 111-4-0.
    15th July 2017 Saturday Mega Maver Match This Qualifier
    Moat/Bridge/Reed & Canal – 110 pegs

    S Rothery, Leeds. Moat Isl 32. 140-12-0.
    Steve Rotherham was the qualifier for this Match this competition. Steve drew Moat Island and fished short pole with hard banded pellet for carp into double figures.
    B Dales, Tuxford. Moat Isl 29. 114-12-0.
    Ben Dales waited for the last hour to catch carp in the margins. Ben fished dead red maggot over groundbait.
    B Fisk, Angling Times. Bridge Isl 1. 109-2-0.
    Ben Fisk fished shallow pellet at 13m for his 3rd place finish.
    R Laycock, Hallcroft. Canal 20. 106-2-0.
    A Richards, Browning. Reed 28. 99-14-0.
    14th July 2017 Friday PM open match
    Moat Pool Outer – 26 pegs

    D Newman, Leegem 81123-14-0
    Daz Newman surprised the field today by winning from what has been a poor area of late. Daz caught on the bomb with corn over his 14m pole line.
    R Teigh, Handsworth 29 106-5-0
    Rich Teigh continued his good recent run with second place. Rich caught again using hard pellets shallow on the pole.
    K Crummey, Retford 64 87-6-0
    Keith Crummey took third place fishing a t-bag down the middle of Moat.
    A Berisford, Leegem 99 79-9-0
    N Hirst, Ackworth AC 11 67-14-0
    13th July 2017 Thursday Veterans Summer League
    Moat Pool – 40 pegs

    R Butterfield, Worksop Out 107 76-15-0
    Moat fished tough today, with weights well down on expected. Roy Butterfield finished the winner catching carp using pellet and corn on the pole.
    D Smith, Rotherham Isl 10 66-9-0
    Darren Smith took second spot with the help of some decent carp caught from the margins in the last hour.
    D Clegg, DJK Floats Out 103 51-10-0
    Dick Clegg fished the pole at 6m using banded 6mm pellets for third place.
    P Schoof, Leegem Out 89 45-14-0
    D Whiting, March Out 40 45-12-0
    10th July 2017 Monday Veterans Costcutter
    Bridge Outer/Croft – 20 pegs

    R Teigh, Handsworth B out 25 176-13-0
    Rich Teigh fished shallow on the pole at 12m using 6mm pellets to catch carp too 10lbs in his winning net.
    A Tait, New Packet C 27 112-0-0
    Alan Tait caught carp and tench using pellets and corn on the pole both long and to the margins.
    M Cordall, Tuxford B out 35 98-5-0
    Mark Cordall fished the pole at 12m and caught carp using 6mm pellets on the deck.
    P Schoof, Leegem B out 52 80-14-0
    N Hirst, Ackworth AC C 25 64-12-0

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