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    1st October 2017 Sunday Open Match
    Moat Pool – 36 pegs
    G Lavender, Miracle Baits Isl 64 155-2-0
    Graham Lavender continued his great run of form with victory today. Graham caught on pellets both short pole and long pole.
    G Gibson, Worksop Isl 19 84-12-0
    Gordon Gibson won the close battle for second place with a dozen decent carp caught on pole from his margins.
    D Robbins, Leegem Out 50 81-0-0
    Danny Robbins caught big carp on his short pole line using corn.
    S Taylor, Rotherham Isl 50 79-1-0
    D Newman, Leegem Isl 33 78-1-0
    S Twigg, Leegem Out 100 74-15-0

    30th September 2017 Saturday Open Match
    Moat Pool Island – 24 pegs
    L Wolstenholme, Sheffield 63 87-14-0
    Luke Wolstenholme won this close match fishing pole and pellets at 12m to catch carp and the odd bream.
    T Clark, Mansfield 46 80-12-0
    Tom Clark was the nearly man again with second place today. tom caught on short pole and corn over pellet.
    N Muscroft, Sheffield 16 72-11-0
    Nigel Muscroft took the close third place fishing pole and 8mm pellet.
    A Sellars, R&R Tackle 43 70-3-0
    K Crummey, Retford 27 66-5-0

    29th September 2017 Friday PM Open match
    Moat Pool – 14 pegs
    K Crummey, Retford Isl 39 106-3-0
    Keith Crummey caught mainly carp on the pole using banded 6mm pellets for the win in the penultimate Friday afternoon match this year.
    N Shipman, Mansfield Isl 59 97-6-0
    Nigel Shipman took second place catching shallow on meat at 12m.
    P Elliott, Leegem Isl 5485-3-0
    Paul Elliott fished bomb and corn over his long pole line for third place.
    D Oldham, Maltby Out 32 66-5-0
    A Tait, Retford Out 16 64-11-0

    28th September 2017 Thursday Veterans Match
    Bridge Outer/Croft – 26 pegs
    A Tait, Retford C 0 110-1-0
    The heavy overnight rain certainly knock the fishing today, but Alan Tait still managed to catch a decent weight. Alan caught shallow using maggots and pellets.
    G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling B out 37 79-11-0
    Geoff Hileys good form continued with second place this week. Geoff caught using long pole with pellets.
    S Richards, Woodhouse Angling C 15 59-6-0
    Steve Richards edged the close third spot catching a nice mixed net of fish on short pole with worms and casters.
    R Turner, Retford B out 1557-10-0
    D Whiting, March B out 5 56-4-0

    25th September 2017 Monday Veterans Match
    Bridge Island/Croft – 15 pegs
    S G Cook, New Packet AC B isl 18 170-6-0
    Noddy Cook finished the clear winner with a magnificent net of carp caught on bomb and double corn. This was Noddy’s top match weight.
    M Cordall, New Packet AC B isl 25 132-9-0
    Mark Cordall fished on the pole with 6mm pellet to catch mainly carp for second place today.
    B Sullivan, Maltby B isl 9 128-12-0
    Brian Sullivan caught on short pole using pellets corn amd luncheon meat.
    A Oldham, Frenzee B isl 5 106-8-0
    A Tait, Retford C 6 100-12-0

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