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    Rumour has it that they have banned smoking at their
    fishery and if your wife/friends or who ever comes
    and watches you fish they will have to pay for a
    day ticket.

    What a joke!

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    Don’t you mean – what a rumour!
    Or – what would that do to the attendance at Fisho!
    Or – what makes me think you don’t like Hayfield!
    Or – what’s the point of passing on daft rumours!

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    Hit a nerve did i?

    Just going by what i was told as me and a mate were going to fish an open there,but if i cant smoke my 20 deck while im fishing then theres no point in going.

    Never fished there so no not got a problem with hayfield.

    Next question.

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    No you missed the nerve Barry.
    I just think it would be better if you rang ’em up rather than passed on an unfounded rumour.

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    Only going by what ive been told mate.

    May be someone can clarify?

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    Sounds like a load of rubbish.

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