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        …I have the original MAP Parabollix feeder system and for some reason i snapped the middle section on a carp.

        It was a clean break(if i had a knife it would look the same) when i was bringing the carp in(prob about 3lb). Im so gutted as this is the first time a feeder rod has done this to me. Ive used the rod loads of time with carp up to 12lb no probs.

        Is there anyway i can get hold of another section or is it no longer available.

        I know you get 2 middle sections in the system, but there are times when i need to set up 2 rods(the joy of this system).

        If i cant get another replacement, what other feeder systems are worth buying.


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        TF_Billy no Fish

          Can’t Scott at Esselle do anything Darren?

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            Im not sure. Will it not affect the rod if it is repaired?????? Flat spot????

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              I had exactly the same problem bwfc.
              Have had loads of fish on my system from small roach to big doubles at Drayton,then last year i picked it up on a bite and the middle section just fell in half leaving me with a large swing tip LOL.
              The Parabolix rods came with a life time guaranty so after getting JK Tackle to ring Leeda for me they offered me a new sti complete system, but after looking at the new rod i told them i would keep the broken one as the sti was a pile of s**t compared to the original.
              Iv fixed my broken section with a spigot and whipped it over, but to be fair iv not used it much since it broke on me.

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              worm drowner

                ring leeda. not sure of there number but im sure someone would have it. there be able to tell u more m8

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                TF_Baz the Beast

                  The mid section of the Maver Reactorlight feeder system rod fits Darren and its about £45,
                  I think the same section of the Powerlight might fit allso and should be a bit cheaper.

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                    Cheers Barry, how ya going matey.

                    Ill ring leeda up in the morning to see what they say etc.

                    As for the maver section, even though it fits does it have the same effect as the original bollix one.

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                    TF_Baz the Beast

                      You can try Leeda but I think it will be a waste of time to be honest,
                      If anything the Maver section is better.

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                        Try this person.
                        [email protected]

                        I recently broke the no.3 section on my parabolix and after I mailed mark I got this reply.

                        Hi Paul,

                        Unfortunately, the original Parabolix factory in Korea who made these rods went out of business 3 years ago and are no longer able to supply this carrier section……. but…….. just before it closed i managed to get hold of 10 carrier sections for the M1255 (12ft Parabolix feeder )
                        Im happy to say we have 7 left in stock.
                        Nothing i can do about the life time guarantee im afraid.
                        Please goto your nearest tackle retailer with a Leeda account and order the following code
                        SP0920 – it will cost you £30.00 but im sure this is a small price to pay.

                        Hope this helps…


                        Mark Haywood
                        Inventory Manager

                        Hopefully he may have got hold of some of the other sections as well !!


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                          Nice one matey, email on its way to him. Hopefully he has a spare.


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                            So they are not going to honour the lifetime guarantee? Maybe trading standards would be interested as the company that made the offer of the guarantee (i.e. Leeda) are still trading, regardless if their supplier isn’t.

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                              As iv already said they will honer the lifetime guarantee but with the new model (STI)and thats a pile of s**t.
                              And they will want the UN broken sections of your original rod back.

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                                @bwfc_01 wrote:

                                Im not sure. Will it not affect the rod if it is repaired?????? Flat spot????

                                yes it will a bit mate tbh but we can repair it for you if desperate

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                                  Good news guys, Mark Haywood has a few replacements in stock and has told me to order one FOC through my local shop.

                                  I also told him that i snapped the end of my tip at the same time, but would have to pay for this at £10 each.

                                  Here is the email reply…..

                                  Hi Darren

                                  You seem to be in luck as i am showing some replacement middle sections in stock.

                                  Go to your local tackle shop who has a leeda account and quote part number *******

                                  Im going to give this to you Free of Charge as the MAP factory who made these rods went out of business a few years ago. The lifetime guarantee only lasts the rods supply lifetime so you may need to start thinking about a new rod…….Go to the map website and check out the new parabolix feeder system


                                  Mark Haywood.

                                  What is the whole point in them selling something with a lifetime guarantee if i may have to start looking for a new rod.

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                                  TF_stevie b
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                                    TF_stevie b

                                      As you know I work with computers.

                                      The above post is a trail of a new font.

                                      If you shine a UV light on your screen you will be able to read it! ;0)

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                                        Well done matey,

                                        I am now going to email Mark and ask him why I had to pay £30 for my section whilst you got yours free!!!

                                        I will post his reply on here.


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                                          easy paul he doesnt like bolton fans but he hates bluenoses even more the way paul why has no one put up a report about loch ken ,nothing at all about the easter festival

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                                            I will get the results off Eric and do a bit of an article.

                                            Hope you never break a section because every one hates reds !!!

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                                              And I’m pi**ed off as i was told there was no sections left at all.
                                              I paid top money for my feeder system and 2 float rods because they came with lifetime warranty’s only to be told now there is no chance of replacement sections.

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                                                I have the full results somewhere…

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