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        I have jut orderd a new pole and will have elasticate around 10 top kits when it arrives next week.

        I can easily afford to put blue , white and Black hydro in all of them but would like to see if I am waisting money and should be looking at something else .

        Last weekend a mate let me use his pole that had some yellow Midddy hollow stuff in it and used with a puller bung handled carp from 1LB to 5LB with ease,at nearly half the cost of Hydro I have to consider it .

        Can you guys please suggest some substitutes for my needs ?

        Currently using :

        Blue Hydro /Pull Bung = Skimmers and Winter Carp
        White Hydro/Pull Bung = Bigg winter carp and shallow fishing in summer ( I like to let the fish hit the bait and run in open water )
        Black Hydro on Power kits =Paste and any Margin fishin on the summer.


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          look at the vespe £8.49 each
          this elastic is also sold as garbolino drennan colmic etc its all made in the same place just the colour changes but the diamiter stay the same

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          TF_Dave Pellet

            Drennan hollow elastic is different from Vespe/Garbo

            the only similarity is the white inner core

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              Waste of money in my opinion! Just use solid, about £1.50 per top 3!

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              TF_carpless 1

                @NathanWatson wrote:

                Waste of money in my opinion! Just use solid, about £1.50 per top 3!

                nathan i am going off hydro myself what elastics do you use for shallow (fish to around 4 lb) also fish to 5 and 6 pound on the paste in summer, i normaly use grey hydro in the summer for shallow and across on snake lakes poss black for paste dependant on size of fish. I was using middy 10 -12 a few years back but found that it snaped after a few sessions so went back to hydro any info would be great cheers martin

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                  I mike the Middy 10 to 12 but only really use if for F1s or carp on light gear in winter, never had a problem with it and keep it in for years, just keep checking it and I have a metre or so round a winder bung to release and re-tie connector when necessary. I use the 18 to 20 Middy a lot in the summer for anything from 3 to 20lb, shallow, deep and down the edge. Also like the Brittania stuff in 14 and 16, not sure if it’s still available though?

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                    @NathanWatson wrote:

                    Also like the Brittania stuff in 14 and 16, not sure if it’s still available though?

                    “Brittania stuff” ! your going back a bit. Dick Clegg sold that when he still had black hair. i bet youve got some Zim stored away somewhere as well.

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                    TF_carpless 1

                      cheers nathan

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                        Err ok thanks for all that ~think

                        Can someone tell me what the suitable hollow replacements would be for the relevant colour Hydros please ?

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                          try the fox hollo stuff.

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                            I use Preston hollo now I’m changing over from my first lots of hydro and as a rough guide they would compare as this:
                            9h – blue hydro
                            11h – white hydro
                            13h – grey hydro
                            15h – black hydro

                            I havent used above the 15h so can’t tell you what the stronger ones compare to from my experiance. I’d also say that if your happy with hydro then why change? As much as I like the Preston none of the other hollow elastics I’ve tried last as long so take that in to account if the cost is the only reason your thinking it.

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                              i have a lot of hydros in my kits but when its ready for changin it will all be doubled up solids, smoother and softer and £2.50 per top kit, try it m8 u wont go back~clap

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                              TF_One fish

                                I am going through a period of change with my elastics also, I really like double 6 for fish 12oz to 3lbs ( mainly f1s ),for bigger fish and summer shallow I find double 8 too harsh, and prefer latex in a 12 or 14 although it does not last as long. For bigger fish short or in the margins I still think black hydro is the best unless there are snags close then it’s up to you!!

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                                  try the vespe hollow range starting with the pink which is similar to the blue,then theres yellow green ,red and orange which all go up in similar strengths as the hydro recently changed to these from hydro an no complaints so far….

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                                  TF_Dave Pellet

                                    I went back to hollows after trying doubled up slip, to this day I still genuinely don’t believe it was any different to just using a standard single solid in a heavier grade

                                    I certainly didn’t think it was softer initially and it definately didn’t power up quicker, as most advocates describe

                                    people talk about landing near double figure carp on a double 5 on their top kits, well I used doubled 6 most of the time I was using it, and even carp of 4-5lb used to lead me a right old dance, and I’d be netting on a top 2 + 2

                                    in honesty though I never tried a pull bung with it, it just seemed to me you were using a bodge device to compensate for inadequate tackle

                                    so I switched back to hollows, but now I’m using short lengths & I feel complete confidence in them, can’t recall the last time I’ve felt undergunned or had to stand to net
                                    when I say short lengths I’m talking 1.2m of my light & medium elastics & 1.5m for my heavy

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                                      One thing that is not often mentioned on these sort of threads is the length of top kits. This makes a big difference to how far the elastic stretches and how soft it is if you run it the full length.

                                      Ive seen guys having all sorts of trouble when using long top kits with fish running all over the place with little control, where I have been using the same elastic in a shorter kit (Daiwa match Kit with number 1 removed) having no problems at all.

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                                        Another fan of doubled laccies here mate, if your not sure just lacy 1 top kit and give it a go think you will be impressed I was when 1st used it . It’s very soft on strike but powers up lovely . Try it at least once.

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                                          Same here, double solids with pull bung,

                                          All I ever use now, perfect for a lot of the venues I fish where you can be catching anything from ide to double figure carp.

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                                            The elastics ive been using are
                                            double 3,4,5,6,8.And the only hollow
                                            i use is mossella j range green.

                                            All these are on pullers and ive found they cover all my fishing.

                                            Dave’ did you use a puller kit mate, on your
                                            double 5, i love this stuff in winter and have
                                            landed some proper munters with it.


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                                            TF_Dave Pellet

                                              alright Duz mate, long time no speak

                                              no, I don’t like pull bungs, used them on a number of occasions but just can’t get over feeling like I’m trying to fix a flaw in the set up

                                              I started out with doubled elastics using the full length of my kits, which is pretty long (Zircon kits are quite long) but after the first embarrasing day at kiveton struggling to land 4lb carp I shortened the lengths to about 6′ doubled, next session I noticed a definate difference but I was still well undergunned on the better fish

                                              I swapped back to hollows (preston 11h 1.2m) and immediately the difference was obvious

                                              I’ll be sticking with my hollows

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                                                If anyone has any Hydro that they don’t want, send it to me and if it is ok I’ll refund your postage ! I love the stuff.

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                                                  @Pikey wrote:

                                                  If anyone has any Hydro that they don’t want, send it to me and if it is ok I’ll refund your postage ! I love the stuff.

                                                  tight git…always after a freebie ~naughty

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                                                    a club pond i fish i use the vespe pink when catching roach as we can hit carp to 25lb+ and with .12 line we can still land them as its open water but the fish always go off at 100mph even on such lite elastics i tryed doubble 5 and got bottomed out every time and bust top kits are about 2.4m long with a bit of time and a pull bung/kit we still land them
                                                    when past fishing its often vespe mega orange down number 1 aprox 3′ only when in open water or 25 solid in margin and mug them quick befor thay wake up
                                                    i did like the middy 22/24 stuff but i had it snap a few times about a 1′ from my dacron even on new elastic after 2 or 3 fish so stoped using it

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                                                      Ralph Ewing

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