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      i like the look of the mosella stuff but can’t work out if I need the 4 or 8 holdall… there’s nowhere near me with any in stock to have a look at, and i don’t know if the 4 will be big enough, but don’t want to buy the 8 if it’s going to be half empty!

      in my current holdall, in addition to my made up rods I carry my pole- in it’s maver holdall, with a couple of standard tubes inside it for top kits, plus a couple of extra rod tubes, brolly, net handle etc.

      You could argue that the pole with the top kit tubes equates to 5 tubes(?), so would the 4 have enough room? can any Kompact owners give me a clue…?

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      u will want the kompact 8 m8

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      In my 4 i carry this

      Front zipped section, 3 rod tubes containing pole sections, 6 Preston topkit tubes,landing net, feeder arm.

      First ready rod bag, 1 made up feeder rod, 1 made up wag rod plus spare butt sections

      Second ready rod bag, spare pole sections/topkits 2 rods in cloth bags, plus there’s room for a brolly and other gear.

      You can get three made up rods in the padded bags if you need to so the 4 is plenty big enough for me.

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      the 8 is quite a lot more bulky than the 4, but you see an awfull lot more 8’s on the bank than 4’s. The 2 main compartmanmts for carrying tubes, will only really take 3 proper sized pole tubes, so i carry my pole and extentions in one side, and all my top kits, net handle etc in the other, with all my rods in the rod sleeves. In truth this would all fit in the 4, but it would be packed to the limit.

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      I used to have the 4 , but ive now got the 8 – it is more bulky but you can fit kit in more easilly.

      buy the 8 , you wont regret it , its deffo the best luggage on the market

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      Thanks lads, looks like I’ll go for the 8 then…

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      Definitely the 8 – couldn’t get my gear in a 4.
      Outer section Pole and extra top Kits, Margin Pole with top kits.
      Middle section, Extensions, Cupping kit, landing net handles, whips, brolly, etc
      1st ready rod bag 2 x made up float rods
      2nd ready rod bag 2 x made up feeder rods

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