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      looking to fish heyford fishery, not fished it for years, is it still predomitatly carp? any info/tactics/baits would be most appreciated.

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      Most recent feedback locally has been that you need to fish tight across which can be some 16m away. The water is clear and from what I’m told the fish spook easily. Local opinion is that there is not yet a big enough head of fish to give every peg a large bag of fish.

      I’m sure more information will be forthcoming from some that have fished it recently. 😉

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      heyford is fishing hard at the moment .

      i personally think there is plenty of fish in there , but there is also an abundance of natural food due to the far bank reeds , weed down the track and quite a few branches in the water .

      to catch well tyou need to fish th ein form pegs – bends and bridges – you will have to fish tight to the far bank and beware of the snags in the water .

      pleasure nets arent too bad , but matches are being won with 15 – 20lb

Viewing 2 reply threads

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