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      I’ve recentley switched to Hydro elastic cos heard a lot of people say it outlasted other hollows – even heard reports on here that people had the same elastic for over a year.

      After 5 or 6 months of regular use I’m still getting the same sort of wear on the last few inches around the connector. I do use a mixture of washing up liquid and water as lubricant – could this be the problem? Anybody else got a better sugestion that actually works, tried slip etc but found it to be poor.


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      Hydro doesn’t actually need lubricating. The use of diluted washing up liquid is also not advised, as it contains salt as a water softener. This salt will attack the latex and actually cause wear and tear. As it dries out on the latex, it becomes more concentrated and the attack is sped up.

      For what it’s worth, I briefly used diluted hair conditioner, as it was recommended by many. I found it to be good initially, but as the pole and elastic dried between uses, the residue actually caused the elastic to stick very badly. This is a total disaster with light silver fish elastics, as you don’t get a nice even stretch and they don’t have the power to recoil back into the top kit. Several season on, I still have problems with some top kits despite thoroughly washing them out.

      For most elastics that require lubrication, a good silicone oil based product should be the best option.

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      thats a great answer MOK!
      i too used to use diluted hair conditioner as it was also recommended but didnt know about the residue causing it to stick!
      since i switched to latex i dont use any slip now as ive been told it will rot the laccy??
      does any body use anything with latex??

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      I only use water with latex. I’ve never found the need to use anything with hollow elastics (use a mixture of Preston and Hydro) and have had both in tops for multiple seasons!

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      son of a gun works for me evert time on latex or hollo

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      Boydie, firstly don’t use washing up liquid to lubricate your elastic, get some proper elastic lubricant.

      The reason why the elastic is fraying up by the connector is because of UV rays. You maybe using hook ups on your kits and therefore the elastic is exposed to sunlight which causes the elastic to fray. The only way to help is to have the hook up closer the kit so that there isn’t any elastic showing when the rig isn’t in use. Other than that there’s not a lot you can do about it unfortuantly.

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      I am convinced that UV light causes elastic to fray / rot. When not in use make sure the elastic is fully retracted inside the pole, dont just put the hook on the bottom of the section when they are laying on the bank or pole roost. Use a hook up or something similar.

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      Thanks for all the advice lads, think I’ll give armour all a try and not leave my rigs hooked up to the bottom of the top kit!
      Makes a lot of sense about the sunlight drying the washing up liquid/water on the elastic and causing damage.

      Thanks again

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      If you use one of those winder bungs you can replace the top few inches of elastic without re-elasticating

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      I like the fishing so much and often I got with my friend for fishing. Hollow elastic fraying is the best technique to catch the fish and I will implement essayshark it’s my next attempt and share my experience with you.

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